What is Rooting & Why You Should Root Your Android Phone

What Is Rooting

Rooting in android platform refers to the process of altering the device internal software to allow the user to have privileged access and control over the  android sub-systems.

It’s performed with the aim of overcoming the limitations put by the mobile carriers and device manufactures. It will allow the user to alter, replace or run specialized apps with admin permissions and to do many other operations that were before inaccessible to do.



Rooting is compared to jail-breaking in iOs


Why Should You Root Your Android Phone?


Bloatware is simply those apps that come pre-installed in your mobile device when you bought it.  Most of us don’t need them and they occupy much space that somehow we could have used to install other apps and games that we want but you cannot uninstall them by default.

They are permanently embedded into the system so if you root your device you will have the super-user power to uninstall them without much effort.  But be careful not to uninstall the apps that are necessary for the running of the system, so take caution while uninstalling them.


With a rooted device, you can create backups of your entire android phone thus giving you extra protection for when something goes wrong in future.

Custom Roms

There are tons of custom roms available online which have exclusive features that a normal phone doesn’t have.
With a rooted device you will be able to install a custom ROM and get more features and improvements to your android phone.

Overclocking & Under-clocking Processor

This basically means you will have the power to alter the processor speed according to your needs.  If you are running games you can make the processor to run more faster and make the gaming more enjoyable or if you want to save on  battery you can reduce its performance and save power.

New Themes & User Interface

You will have a range of customized themes options to choose from and third-party apps, which will give you permissions to make any changes  to folders and files which were previously denied and inaccessible.

With rooting you can download and use all the locked features and tools available for your platform

Rooting gives you immense power and privileges over your android phone but you have to be careful while rooting because you might end up with a dead phone if you do it the wrong way.

Rooting also voids the warranty of the phone plus you might have problems if you try to update your device software.
Before rooting just take time and research the various methods of rooting and be informed.


How To Root

Rooting is easily done by the use of apps or computer software. Some of them include:

I prefer rooting my android phone and play around with tweaking the software and installing custom roms and apps which have amazing and cool features,  so feel free to root yours and feel the change that rooting brings to your device and if you have trouble rooting or have rooted successfully then hit the comments section and share your story with us.

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