Mobile Flashing Guide For Beginners Ebook

The Mobile flashing guide for beginners is recommended to all the technicians and would be technicians, who are willing to start a mobile software flashing and unlocking business.

Due to the rise in smartphones popularity and usage, mobile flashing and unlocking has become a very lucrative career.

mobile flashing guide

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Mobile flashing is one of the businesses that requires very little in terms of investments. Most of the tools to be used can be found locally and also the software are available online either for a small fee or some are even free for download.

In order to start this business you need tools for the trade as well as software all together.

In this E book, you will learn a lot on how to start practicing, what to use and how to do it.

Some of the topics discussed include,

  • Software for flashing and unlocking
  • Boxes and dongles for flashing
  • How to connect phones to PC
  • How to Flash

What Is Flashing

The term is used to define several things, but usually, it means overwriting one of your phone’s partitions with an image you may have downloaded elsewhere, but it usually extends to installing many other things, such as root or another OS in your phone.

It means rewriting the software installed on the phone.

The most common reason that phones are flashed is that they are locked to a particular cellular network. Wireless carriers want you to purchase a new phone if you migrate to a new network, therefore phones are generally locked to a particular network.

Some carriers will unlock your phone upon request but in other instances you may need to flash your phone in order to use it on a different network, this is known as a partial flash.

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