UFI Box Setup Latest & Old Versions Download

Download the UFI Box Setup for the latest version below. UFi Box is a powerful EMMC Service Tool that can Read EMMC user data, as well as repair, resize, format, erase, read write, and update the firmware on EMMC in Samsung, china phones SK Hynix, Toshiba, Kingston, micron, and other brands.

UFi Box is a tool to repair phones with the ability to: 

  • Repair EMMC
  • Resize EMMC
  • Format EMMC
  • Write full data, erase fully
  • Read boot1
  • Read boot2
  • Read EXT CSD
  • Read User Data
  • Update firmware
  • Via test point
UFI Box Setup

Software Features:

  • The lowest-cost universal software platform in the market
  • Work with standalone and user-friendly software
  • Strong and secure software platform integrated with online(server-based) security
  • Planned to support as many as possible up-to-date repair solutions
  • Integrated file synchronizing function

Latest Changelog: UFi Tool

The UFI software has been updated to version in 2023, with a focus on general changes and improvements. This includes bug fixes to the Dark Mode UI support, as well as other minor bug fixes and improvements.

In terms of eMMC ToolBox changes, a special task has been added in the Programming Tab that allows for eMMC5x Firmware updates. This update method applies to all eMMC 5. x devices. Additionally, the Secure Wipe feature (TRIM, Sanitize) has been added, along with a new option for [moviNAND] eMMC Full Reset that enables the resetting of RPMB, ECC errors, and Factory Reset. Another [moviNAND] feature is the Force boot mode, which allows for firmware erasure.

Furthermore, a BOOT_SIZE entry has been added to the EMMC PARTITIONING tab for Micron eMMC. Bug fixes have also been made to the eMMC Fw routine, along with other minor bug fixes and improvements

UFI Box Setup Download


Other Versions

v1.6.0.2333: UFI_v1.6.0.2333.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v1.6.0.2202: UFI_v1.6.0.2202.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v1.5.0.2015: UFI_v1.5.0.2015.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v1.5.0.2008: UFI_v1.5.0.2008.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v1.4.0.1779: UFI_v1.4.0.1779.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v1.4.0.1464: UFI_v1.4.0.1464.zip | AFH | G-Drive

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