7 Quick Tips To Save Battery On Android Phones

Android Battery Saving Tips

Having a nice phone with a battery that lasts long is a good thing that most phone users dream about.

One of the greatest setbacks for phone users is battery drainage.

We mostly require to charge our phones twice or more DAILY!!
The good news is, we can actually cut down on power consumption by following the simple tips we are going to highlight in this article.


1. The Touch Screen Display

It’s quite obvious that the screen is the number one culprit in power consumption.
To verify this, take a look at battery usage by tapping Settings>Battery.
Am sure most of us will find the “SCREEN” to be on top of the list with a very big percentage margin.

So to start on saving power we have to do the following:

  • Dim Brightness as much as possible

  • Reduce screen time-out duration.(recommended 15 secs)

  • Auto adjust screen tone.

  • Do not use live wallpapers.

2. Turn Off Connections

Android phones have multiple types of wireless connections and mostly we do not use them.
These connections include:

  • WiFi

  • GPS

  • Bluetooth

It’s advisable to turn them off when not in use to save on power.
Furthermore, if you happen to be in a poor network coverage area, your phone will consume even more power due to its frequent network searching.
So if You are in that situation it’s better to turn on Flight Mode so as to save power.

3. Restrict Background Data

By turning this setting ON, it will limit the apps that run and use data in the background.

To turn it ON, Tap Settings>Data Usage>Restrict Background Data.

4. Turn Off Location Services

You can save a bit of battery power by turning OFF the location services. This will stop apps from using location info.

To turn OFF, Tap Settings>Location Services.

5. Turn Off Auto-Sync

Auto-sync is a favorite to many of us. You are always updated on your Emails or apps notifications.
But this setting consumes power and mobile data!! It uses background processes which in turn drains the battery.

To turn it off, Tap Settings>Accounts: tap on three dots upper right corner and uncheck Auto Sync Data.

6. Turn Off Vibration

A vibrator is a small motor which rotates at high speed to create that “VIBRATION” on our phones.
Whether its haptic feedback when you press on the On-Screen Keyboard or the buzzing effect you feel when receiving a notification or calls, they do consume power.


7. Activate Power Saver Mode

Android Phones comes a power saver setting which is very useful in power saving. Once activated, the power saver will cut down power usage on your phone.
Actually, most of the tips we have talked about above can be achieved by just turning on the power saver mode.

This includes:

  • Location services

  • Screen brightness

  • Limits Vibration

  • Background data


Apart from this tips, you can also download some useful apps to help in battery saving. Apps like Greenify or Battery Saver.

Also, make sure to update apps always.

If you still find your phone is eating out your battery, then maybe it’s time to buy a new battery and have it replaced.

Have any other tips to share? Tell us about it in the comments section…

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