8 Myths & Facts About Cellphone Battery Charging

Today’s gadgets have so many functions such that they have everything a person might need stuffed inside their palm sized device. One of the biggest downside of these devices is the battery. It cannot keep up with the work load and mostly dies too quickly.

Cellphone Battery Charging

Due to this, people keep doing all kinds of crazy stuff thinking it will extend the battery life. Some of these behaviors are true and some are just myths and misconceptions.  We are going to highlight 8  common things that people do and explain if its facts or just myths.

1. Charging your phone to 100% before using for the first time

This is nothing but a myth!! Cellphone batteries usually work best when they have from 40% – 80% of charge. Mostly when you buy a new cellphone you will find that it has a charge between 40% – 80% so its OK to use your phone even if its brand new until maybe it drops the charge below 40% then you can charge it.

NB: But if you find  your new phone is below 40% when you start it for the first time you should probably take it back, because it shows the battery might be old or bad.

The best temperature for cellphone batteries is room temperature. Not too cold or too hot!!

Cellphone Battery Charging

2. Not using your phone while its charging

Many people believe that if they use their phone while it’s connected to the charger is harmful to the battery. Well you can use your phone even when its connected to the charger and it wont harm the battery life at all. It doesn’t matter if you are using it or not the phone will still charge normally and the battery will be fine.

3. Being afraid of chargers from different brands will kill your battery

It is true that off the shelves chargers or cheap ones might charge your phone very slowly and takes longer to full charge. But most chargers today have almost same specs and if it charges well then you have nothing to worry about.

4. Thinking that turning your phone off might damage the battery

Its true if you leave your phone turned off and without charging for a long time will damage the battery.  But if you just switches off your cellphone from time to time it wont do any harm and it’s actually healthy for the phone and the battery. These devices perform more effectively after rebooting because it restores the functionality of the phone and the battery.

5. Trying to “train” the battery

Some people believe they can train their cellphone batteries so that it can hold more charge longer. They let the battery drain completely and the charge again to full. They never charge if the battery charge percentage is on 50 or 60.

This idea has no ground at all its just a myth. Feel free to charge your device when you feel like because charging the phone often doesn’t harm the battery.

Cellphone batteries work well when charged between 40 – 80 %

Cellphone Battery Charging

6. Not charging the phone overnight for fearing of damaging the battery

A Smartphones is called smart because they are smart. Right? These amazing devices have  charging controllers inside that monitors the battery and the charger. It will know when to charge the battery and when to stop. So even if you leave overnight while plugged in it doesn’t mean the phone will continuously keep charging. The phone will stop charging the moment it reaches full.

7. Using task managers to prolong the battery life

Just forget everything that you are told about task managers. They do not prolong your battery life at all. Smartphones usually have built-in system that is already dealing with the things that should be done to keep to keep your device performance in tip-top shape. Te third-party task managers will actually decrease the battery life because they create even more tasks running in the background and they are full of ads.

8. Fearing to leave your phone charger plugged in

First of all you should not leave your charger plugged in the wall socket for safety and fire prevention reasons.  Once finished charging you should unplug the charger from the wall socket especially if:

  • You have kids or pets
  • Your charger makes weird noises when plugged in.
  • Your have leaks
  • Your house doesn’t have lighting protection

These are just a few of the things we assume or do to our cellphone battery and chargers and if you have more just add to our comment section below.

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