5 Simple Ways To Boost WiFi Signal On Android

Boost Wi-Fi Signal On Android

Wi-Fi connectivity issues are not new phone users and its one of the most frustrating problems you can encounter while surfing the web using your phone.
Fortunately, there are some simple tips and tricks that you can try at home or work to overcome it.

We highlighted 5 of the simplest tips for you.

• Change wifi frequency band to 5 GHz

• Track wifi signal

• Avoid poor connections

• Set router in the perfect spot

• Restart Router And Phone

Change Wi-Fi Frequency Band

Some Android phones support WI-FI over the 5GHz frequency.
You can verify this by tapping: settings>Wi-Fi and then tap the 3-dots overflow icon on top, then tap the Advanced option> and then check if the Wi-Fi frequency band option is available.

If it’s available, you then choose the 5 GHz only option. This option is faster but shorter in range. It will increase your browsing speed.
Although this option is easy to use, some Wi-Fi hotspots don’t support the 5GHz frequency band.
If this option didn’t help then hop to the next tip.

Track your Wi-Fi signal

Most of us sometimes while experiencing wifi issues at home or work, we end up trying to move with the device looking for “more bars” or trying to find better coverage areas. Some of us have already located their favorite spot in the house or office where they know they will get a better signal.

Well, that’s the past now because there are apps available in the app store which will do that for you.
These apps will pin precisely for you the spots with better signal.
One of my favorites is the WIFI SIGNAL BOOSTER app. Download the app from the app store and launch.

There are two lines, Red and Yellow. Red is for the current signal and Yellow is for the available signal.
Tap on the manual boost option, and start walking slowly around the room keeping watch of the red line curve on the app. The closer the red line is to the yellow, the better. Once you get the spot tap on Automatic improvement to get a boost to your signal.

You can find more apps like this in the app store.

Avoid Poor Connections

Android devices have a setting to which is designed to automatically avoid “POOR” Wi-Fi connections.
Poor Wi-Fi connections drain the battery and lead to very slow and annoying browsing experience.

The setting is termed differently on various android devices.

• Avoid poor Wi-Fi connections

• Smart Network Switch

• Avoid Bad Wi-Fi Connections

• Auto Network Switch

You can avoid these poor connections by tapping: Settings>Wi-Fi>Advanced.

But some Samsung devices have the option in the Wi-Fi menu and not in the advanced option.

Set Router In The Perfect Spot

This simple trick is easy and doesn’t require much effort. All you need to do is make sure your router’s position is located near. This is just to for the device to get full coverage without any unnecessary network blockage.

Restart Router And Phone

This one sounds odd but it actually is a quick saver for most of us.

Rebooting usually:
• fixes connection problems
• Improves slow network connections and,
• Resolve wireless networks issues.

Electronic devices and gadgets usually have memory, processor and the software. By rebooting the router, it starts afresh and loads its software without any previous issues.

Rebooting is done by simply unplugging the power adapter from the wall socket for at least 20 seconds and then plug in and you are done. Same applies for the phone. Just switch off and if it has removable battery remove it for at least 10 seconds and put it back ON.

NB: DO NOT RESET the router!! Resetting is different from rebooting.

Resetting will clear all the configuration settings completely to factory defaults!

These are the 5 simple tips and if you have others you tried and worked feel free to share on the comments section. Cheers

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