Selfie Craze, Selfie Stick A Must Have Accessory

The selfie stick is one of the most popular smartphone accessories. And while its main purpose is to snap that Instagram-worthy photo of yourself, these selfie sticks actually come in a lot of different sizes and have a variety of add-ons.

 Whether it is compact, budget-friendly, durable, Bluetooth-capable or waterproof, there’s an option for everyone. So, if you’ve already decided that your arm isn’t long enough to capture the moment.

 You can snap aerial shots and beautiful selfies easily with a press of a button.  At an extremely affordable price, it’s perfect for anyone looking to try out the selfie stick craze on their next vacation.

Whether you’re team Android or team iPhone, the rubberized mount offers an additional sense of protection leaving your devices scratch free and ready to capture the moment.

 Selfie sticks are made for adventurous travelers that want to capture every moment, rain or shine. That’s why finding a durable and waterproof model that can take you from land to sea is so important.

For a wide variety of Selfie Stick, you can visit Online Stores Like Jumia and Order one for as little as 250kshs.

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