How to Flash Tecno TR118 WiFi with Firmware

In this tutorial, we are going to show you the step-by-step method on how to Flash Tecno TR118 WiFi gadget and also upgrade software. The download links for the Flashtool and drivers are provided below.

Tecno TR118 Firmware Download



Tecno TR118 Flashtool & Drivers Download


This technical notice mainly guides the technician on how to upgrade software for TR118

How to Flash Tecno TR118 WiFi

Install “ZTE_Develop_Driver” driver

  • Open Version–Platform, find ZTE_Develop_Driver, click it to install

Install flash tool

  • Open Version, find flash tool installation.exe, click it to install.
How to Flash Tecno TR118
  • Click “下载 PV 版本”, it will download the flash tool automatically
  • Install successfully, it will create a shortcut automatically in desktop
Upgrade software
  • As an administrator to run “生产测试平台”.
  • Input Username 00000000, without password, then click “Logon”.
  • Click “Download Product Version
  • Choose Config Panel–File Path, then choose flash file, click save
  • Choose Operate Panel, click ”ALL Start”.
How to Flash Tecno TR118
  • TR118 shutdown,
  • TR118(with battery) connect computer by USB cable,
  • then press power key of TR118 device 1-2 seconds, the progress bar will be displayed during devicedownload and upgrade.
  • If the progress bar reaches 100%, the upgrade is successful.

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  1. Hello!
    Please I have flashing my modem, but I dont have defaut password for admin.
    The old password doesn’t work again.

    Help me,


  2. hello, need your support on how to flash the tr118 modem because with the network cable or usb plug, nothing works. need your support please!

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