Samsung Test Point & UFS Pinouts

In this article, we are going to give you the Samsung Test Point and ISP pinouts for most of the Samsung phones. These Test points and isp pinouts are used for various operations such as;

  • FRP Reset
  • Password, Pin Pattern Reset
  • Firmware Flashing
  • Unbricking a dead device
  • Unlocking Bootloader
  • Enter Download Mode
  • Connect to Flashing Boxes
  • Reboot to 9008 EDL
  • and many more…
Samsung Test Point

Samsung Test Point & ISP Pinouts


Samsung g318h Pinout

Samsung A01 Core TestPoint SM-A013F

Samsung A01 Core TestPoint SM-A013G

Samsung A01 Core TestPoint SM-A013M

Samsung A01 Isp Pinout SM-A015F

Samsung A01 Isp Pinout SM-A015M

Samsung A02 TestPoint (SM-A022F)

Samsung A02s TestPoint (SM-A025F)

Samsung A03S SM-A037F Test Point​

Samsung A10s TestPoint (SM-A107F)

Samsung A11 TestPoint SM-A115F

Samsung A12 TestPoint (SM-A125F)

Samsung A22 TestPoint (SM-A225F)

Samsung A31 TestPoint SM-A315

Samsung A32 TestPoint (SM-A325)

Samsung A51 TestPoint (SM-A515F)


Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A127F ISP PinOUT EDL Test Point

Samsung Galaxy SM-A226B TESTPOINT

Samsung SM-A325F [ A32 5G ] TestPoint


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