Causes Of Dead Phone After Flashing

Common Causes Of Dead Phone

Smartphones once in a while might develop problems that require flashing, unfortunately at times the flashing may go wrong and you end up with a dead phone.

This could be as a result of a number of issues, luckily some are reversible and you can revive the dead phone.

But sometimes you may not be successful in reviving the phone if the problem is in the phone hardware.

What Is Flashing A Phone

Flashing a phone involves programming, updating or upgrading the software of the phone.

The flashing process will clean the memory partition and rebuild the file system of the phone, including the boot loader.

Causes of dead phone

Causes Of Dead Phone After Flashing

1. Flashing with the wrong firmware

Every phone model has a unique software (firmware). In order to flash your phone, first make sure you know the exact model number and version.

Clone phones use a different version of software so never try to flash a genuine phone’s firmware to a clone phone.

You can get the right firmware by searching on the phones manufacturers website or check also

2. Failed Flashing Process

If the flashing process fails to complete, your phone won’t boot up and might be bricked.


3. Hardware problem

If your phone had an issue with its hardware, especially the motherboard or emmc, the flashing process won’t be successful.

In fact most of the time the phone will be completely unresponsive.

The best thing to do is to diagnose the hardware problem before you continue with flashing.

4. Flashing With Bad USB Cable

Damaged USB cable or using a counterfeit USB cable might have a serious effect to the flashing process.

Causes of dead phone

Always use original USB cable.

5. Disconnecting During Flashing

When the flashing process has started the USB cable should not be disconnected from the computer at all.

Disconnecting will result in uncompleted flashing thus a dead phone.

6. Power Interruption

During Flashing process, if the power to the computer is cut off, it will brick the phone.

Always make sure you have uninterrupted power supply whenever you want to flash your phone.

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