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Touch Screen Clicks By Itself

Most of smartphone users have at least once come across this issue whereby the touch screen clicks by itself randomly without being touched. This is very annoying and sometimes makes the phone unusable at all.

This occurs also when a number or letter appears without the phone having been touched at all, or when more than one alphanumerical value is entered from just a single touch.

Touch Screen Clicks By Itself

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This phenomenon is known as phantom touches, or ghost touches.

The cause of this can be any number of reasons.

1. Sometimes this happens while a device is being charged with a micro USB charging cable connected. Disconnect from the charger and check.

2. Make sure you are using original charger and cable. Try changing the charger and cable if necessary.

3.  a sudden or unexpected build up of static electricity can be the culprit.

  • Power off your device and remove your battery.
  • Once removed, hold your power key for a full 60 seconds.
  • This will discharge any electrical capacitance built up in the components.
  • Leave the battery out of your phone for a couple of minutes.
  • Then insert the battery, power up your phone and check the touch screen behavior.

Hardware or software issues could also be to blame.

4. Try cleaning the touch screen with wipes to remove any dirt or prints.

5. If you have replaced the touch screen of your phone, chances are you got cheap fake replacement screen. Most replacement screens are never as reliable and durable as the one’s that came with the phone. Make sure you get the Original Replacement Screen.

6. Sometimes its caused by plastic screen protectors on the phone. Try Removing it or replace with a glass type.

If the problem persists, as long as you know your Google account login information, boot into recovery mode (Google how to enter recovery mode on your particular model) and perform a factory data reset.

If the problem is not hardware related, this will likely remedy the problem but if it is hardware related it will be advisable to take your phone for repairs to a qualified technician.


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