Infinix Hote Note Problems And Solutions

Infinix Hot Note At A Glance

infinix hot note


The Infinix Hot Note came into the market with promising specs and a fair price. It was launched back in January of 2015 and it had two variants, 1GB and 2GB rom and internal storage of 16GB.

It was available in black, white and Gold. Android version of kitkat 4.4 which was later upgraded to lollipop 5.1.

The phone had a nice battery of 4000 mAh which made it popular at that time. The Display was another feature which made it a nice phone with a 5.5 inches, 720 x 1280 pixels.

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Infinix Hot Note Problems

Below we have highlighted some of the most common issues with Infinix Hot Note. Keep in mind the phone is only 2 to 3 years old and most of the issues are affecting the users in less than a year!!.

Most of us have a Nokia phone for more than 5 years and still working LOL!!

1. Flash charging problems.

  • check with another charger of the same type to verify if its your charger’s fault.
  • Check the USB Cable.
  • Check the charging port for dirt and clean.
  • Replace Charging port.

2. Hang On Logo.

  • Do a Factory reset.
  • Flash with latest firmware.
  • Change motherboard.

3. Unresponsive Touch Screen.

  • Force restart the phone and check if its working.
  • Use a mouse and O.T.G cable, connect to phone and check if its responsive using the mouse. If it is then change the touch screen.
  • Change the whole LCD assembly if not working at all.

4. Rebooting.

  • Try to enter recovery mode and wipe data.
  • Check the power button if it is stuck in.
  • If still rebooting then change motherboard.

5. Shorted Mother-Board.

  • Consult technician or Carl care.

6. Camera Not Working.

  • Clear cache of camera storage. Settings>Apps>All>Camera>Storage>Clear Cache

7. Dead Phone.

  • Consult Technician or Carl care. Most probably dead motherboard so replacement is the solution.


For most Hot Note users it was a smooth road using the device until problems started arising. One of the earliest issues was the phone hanging on logo after upgrade.

Infinix rolled out updates for the KitKat version to lollipop. and also the lollipop version was updated twice. One update was released on 2015 and another on 2016.

Some users apparently rooted their phones to get better performance from the device. But when you do O.T.A update on a rooted device you will end up bricking the phone and that’s what most Hot Note Users who rooted their device  ended up with a bricked phone.

One of the major issues of Hot Note was the Mother-Board. Most of the issues that the users faced ended up replacing the whole motherboard. From dead phone, to hang on logo, rebooting and unresponsive touch screen resulted to changing the motherboard.

infinix hot note

The phone also had a feature known as flash charging and you can flash to full charging quickly. The Flash charging had a few drawbacks regarding Hot Note.

The charger could not last long and also the USB cable that was bought with the phone became faulty and not charging after a while.

Another issue with flash charging was that after using it for a long time it ruined the charging port and most Hot Note users ended up replacing the whole charging flex.

The touch screen of the phone also became unresponsive for some users and with such an issue the option was to replace it.

The Camera also was not left out. Some users complained of a dark display when launching the camera app. Surprisingly the issue was not the camera but software bugs so flashing was the solution.

These are just some of the problems that we have highlighted, and it proved that the phone was not entirely good. With a Span of only two years there are many dead Hot Note that was beyond repair.



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