10 Most Common Android Phone Secret Codes

10 Common Android Phone Secret Codes

We highlight the 10 most common android phone secret codes here.

Android Os has been in use since 2007 and it now has the largest installed base of any operating system in the world.

Android phones are the most popular gadgets and its used worldwide.

Today we are going to look at Android Os secret codes which are hidden inside our precious handsets and can be used in many different situations.

These codes can be accessed by just typing the codes in dial pad. Some are used to get information about your phone like checking if your phone is Original or Clone.

Some are used to tweak your phone’s configuration, while others are fatal and can wipe your entire phone data!!!

So take a look and read carefully the code’s functions before trying it out!!

1. Testing Menu


This code is one of the most used by almost every android user.

You can find useful information in this hidden menu.

The menu includes :

  • Phone information
  • Battery information
  • Usage statistics
  • WiFi information
  • Cmas test alerts

2. Resetting Phone


This code resets phones to factory state. It will delete your Applications and its Data.

3. Complete Wipe


This one should be done when everything else fails because it will completely wipe your phone and it will reinstall the device’s firmware!!

4. Camera info


It will give the full info about your phone’s camera.

5. Back-Up


This code is useful for quick backup of all your phone’s media files.

6. LCD Display Test


This will test your phone’s LCD.

7. Phone Info


This one has more than one function to display which includes :

  • Pda info
  • Phone info
  • Hardware info
  • Rf info
  • Call info
  • Firmware info

8. Imei Number


This one almost everybody knows but I just added to the list because it’s useful in getting your phone’s Imei number.

9. Touch Screen Test


This code will test your touch screen color, touch sensitivity, calibration and more…

10. Service Mode


Used to enter into service mode.

Remember some of these codes can cause serious changes to your phone so don’t play around with them if you are not sure.

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