FRP Lock For Android Devices


Factory Reset Protection (FRP) Definition

FRP lock feature is available in Android Os and it’s a built-in protection program. It protects the Android device’s Information & Data in case someone tries to reset the device or if the device is stolen.

It’s a built-in protection program

It’s available for Android 5.0 or higher. Once enabled on a device, then you will need to enter the google account of the user which was set before.

How FRP Works

After setting up your Google account on your device then its automatically activated. While performing a factory data reset on the device, the settings are reverted back to its original factory default. If you have already setup google user account on the device, then you will have to enter your login details to verify it’s your phone or else you will be locked out!! If the device was stolen, then it will be hard for the thief to use your phone and it will be rendered useless.

Important Tips About FRP Lock

  • Before resetting your device to factory default, make sure you know your google login details.
  • If you have multiple Google accounts on your device then you can use any of them to log in.
  • If you have multiple Google accounts on your device then you can use any of them to log in.

  • Before you make a decision to format your device, make sure you take a full backup of Data.

  • In case you sell your phone first, make sure you disable the FRP lock before the new user can set his or her account details afresh.

Remove all Google accounts before selling your phone

How To Disable FRP On Android Before Resetting Phone

  • First, you remove any security settings on the device, i.e Lock screen codes, patterns or passwords.
  • Remove all the Google user accounts on the phone.

Disabling FRP is most important especially if you are selling your device or giving it to someone because once they will need to format it, then they wouldn’t have to contact you for your account details to unlock the FRP. Unfortunately while resetting the phone, there is nothing to alert you that the FRP protection is enabled so it’s up to you to remember that. FRP lock was designed to keep out unauthorized usage of your Android phone in case it’s stolen.

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