Mobile Phone Flashing & Unlocking In Marsabit – Kenya

Mobile Software Flashing Solutions

We offer mobile Flashing & software solutions for most Android phones in the market. Some of the services we offer includes:

  1. Mobile Flashing
  2. Virus Removal
  3. Google Lock(FRP),Pattern Lock & Pin Lock Removal
  4. Network Unlocking

1. Mobile Flashing



Mobile flashing involves reprogramming the phones software to its original status. Flashing a mobile phone solves most issues which includes;

  • System error messages on phone
  • Slow loading phone
  • Phone draining too much Battery
  • Increased Data costs
  • Unable to install apps
NB; Flashing erases all user data!

2. Virus Removal


Mobile phone virus is becoming a common thing nowadays and it can affect the phone in many ways. It is usually infected from harmful websites, file sharing, downloading from untrusted sites and so on.

Depending on the infection on the phone, some viruses are easier to remove while others requires drastic measures which may result to data loss on the phone.

We remove mobile phone virus using advanced Pc software and also install mobile antivirus where need be to keep your phone protected at all times.

3. Google Lock(FRP),Pattern Lock & Pin Lock Removal


Phone user locks are a common thing to forget for anyone!! We provide solutions for removing your user lock or Google lock through PC programs.

Google lock may require up to 24 hrs to remove while pattern or pin lock takes about an hour to 6 hrs. We mostly make sure to save your data from deletion while removing pattern or pin locks, but for Google locks the phone is usually reset to its new status without your data or downloaded apps.

4. Network Unlocking

Companies like Orange, Safaricom or airtel sell mobile phones which are locked on their respective networks. So you cannot use another simcard from a different network provider with the phone because its LOCKED !!!

We offer unlocking services to these phones by reprogramming the phone. From feature phones like “MULIKA MWIZI” to the more advanced phones, we unlock the phones and it can be used by any service provider of your choice.

For more inquiries about our services, feel free to

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