How To Verify A Fake Infinix Phone From Original

Fake vs original Infinix

I recently received a phone for repair, a Fake Infinix Hot 4, the issue was the internal storage is full whereas the user  installed just few apps!!!
Apparently just taking some few photos and the phone storage is full!!
Doing a quick check it turned out the phone was actually a FAKE Infinix Hot 4!!!

So I decided today to highlight a few steps to check before buying Infinix phones.

Infinix Verification Tool

Infinix Verification Tool

This tool is for Infinix phones and all you need for it to verify is the phones Imei no. and VC no.
You can get your imei by dialing *06# or by checking the on the battery by removing the back cover.
The VC no. can also be found on the battery or below the battery.
You fill in the Imei and VC details and click submit, you will get the results if its original or fake.
you can also check the battery if its original using the tool.
You fill in the battery serial number and click submit.

Check the Infinix verification Tool Here.

There are also a number of things you can check which includes:


Check if the phone is identical to the original one. the location of the sensors, front and back camera, charging port, and mic.
check the brand name if its misspelled, or crooked. also check for signs of poor workmanship.


Fake phones usually are cheaper than the original one. and this is why most people fall for it.

Fake vs original infinix


Fake phones are being made from cheap components, one main feature of a fake phone is the chipset. its usually have slower processing speed than the original one.


The battery specifications of a fake phone is not usually correct. make sure to read the specs of the original battery and verify.


Most fake phones have no warranty and this is definately something to check with the retailer before purchasing.


Fake phones camera are very poor in quality. Just open the camera app and try to take a few shots and verify.

Fake phones are cheap, Harmful, Sub-standard and inferior to the original ones.

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