Tecno K9 Having Camera Problem Simple Fix

Tecno K9 Camera Not Opening

The Tecno K9 aka Spark Plus, came into the market promising big to the tecno fans.

You can buy it at affordable prices HERE.

With its 6.0 inch display, Android 7.0, finger scanner, and 13MP camera, the phone was a good bargain for the tecno lovers.

Not forgetting the affordable price for such a promising phone, BUT…..

After a while some of these phones started showing problem with its camera.

I have come across a number of Tecno spark Plus with the same issue.

The problem is when you open the camera app, it just shows a dark background. No image or anything.

Most of the time it will give you this error message,

“can’t connect to the camera please make sure to close other apps that may use camera or flashlight”

To fix this issue follow the procedure below.

  • Restart the phone. Mostly restarting the phone is the easiest way to solve most Android phone issues. But if still it doesn’t open…..
  • Clear cache. Navigate to phone settings and tap on applications. Locate the camera app and tap on storage. Tap on cache and clear. Then restart the phone and check. If still not Opening…..
  • Update phone software. Check if there is any device updates and download it. You can do this by Settings>about>software updates. If still no luck….
  • Reset phone. I have to warn you that resetting will clear all your user data so make sure you backup first. You can reset by settings>backup and reset>factory data reset.

After following the above process and still no luck then I suggest you take the phone to the nearest Carl care center or mobile phone technician. Mostly it could be the phones motherboard so it could be a bit pricey.


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  2. Can Techno come up with an app to correct this mess of “can’t connect to the camera please make sure to close other apps that may use camera or flashlight”. It’s indeed bad. this comes only after warrant period . WHY kindly get us a lasting solutions not replacement of motherboard.

  3. Techno is a good company, I like it ,,actually its my number one phone company , I have been buying all its products ever since but the problem of a k9 camera phone issue is over whelming …iam a victim of a circumstance also …but why is it depriving its own benefits and its reputation,,,, I don’t want to thing ,,,,some thing has to be done immediately,,,, before the case is forwarded in higher international trade courts of law

    1. Hi, my techno spark 9 camera is not working, I have restart it but it’s not working, what could be the problem please help

      1. Follow the steps on this post but if unsuccessful then its probably a motherboard issue. If its still on warranty you might take it to carl care for a possible motherboard replacement, or consult a mobile technician near you.

  4. am having issue with my camera ,back camera it not working even the flashlight, how can I solved the problem pls

    1. @Yakubu follow the steps given in the post and if still unsuccessful then its probably a hardware issue and the only option is to take the phone to a qualified technician for repair.

      1. If you find the problem of K9 CAMERA and you follow the above steps but still not working check me inbox with no 0769071740 we can solve the problem

        1. Mine too started the word your camera might be in use with other apps ,and it failed after I have done all what it has been posted.

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