Samsung S9 Plus Rooting TWRP SM-G965N

Samsung S9 Plus Rooting tutorial and the download links are provided below for the TWRP Root. Be aware that Android Verified Boot requires data (including those in internal storage) to be cleared after you unlocked the bootloader and flash custom binaries. (“to protect user data, all state transitions wipe the data partitions and ask the user for confirmation before data is deleted.” –

Samsung S9 Plus Rooting

Samsung S9 Plus Rooting Guide


1. In your ROM, go to Settings -> About device. Tap 7 times on the Build number to enable Developer options.
2. Go to Settings, remove all Samsung and Google accounts and if your device is registered to an enterprise, de-register it.
3. Go to Settings -> Developer options and enable OEM Unlock option.
Notice: This is the “state transition” mentioned earlier.
NOTE: You will be asked to do a factory reset, that’s normal.
You should take a look at the whole guide and be prepared to use reboots as chances to flash or reboot into TWRP.
4. Download and Install Samsung Mobile Phones Drivers.
– Option 1: Download and Install Smart Switch for PC.
– Option 2: Download and Install the standalone driver package.
5. Download and extract Odin (Samsung’s Flash Tool) to your computer.
6. Download a .tar image of TWRP.
7. Reboot your device to download mode.
– Hold [VOLUME DOWN] + [BIXBY] + [POWER] for approx. 15 seconds.
– Read the warning carefully.
– If you agree, press [VOLUME UP] to get into Download mode. If you don’t agree, STOP.
8. Open Odin and place that TWRP tar file in the [AP] slot.
9. Connect your phone.
10. Hold [VOLUME UP] + [BIXBY] + [POWER] on your phone and then press start on Odin.
11. Wait for the phone to reboot. DO NOT release [VOLUME UP] + [BIXBY] + [POWER] or you may not reboot into TWRP.


1. If you completed Part 1 successfully, you should be in TWRP now. At this point, you will reach the screen asking you if you want to allow system modifications.
2. Select “Keep /system RO”.
3. Go to the “Wipe” menu of TWRP and you will find “Format Data”. Press “Format Data” and type “yes” to continue.
4. Go to the “Reboot” menu and Press “Recovery” to reboot TWRP.
5. Download the special dm-verity and force encryption disabler zip on your computer.
6. Transfer the zip to your phone.
– Option 1: MTP: Connect your phone to the computer and just copy the zip to internal storage. (similar to how you transfer files when in the system.)
– Option 2: ADB: Connect your phone to the computer and run the command “adb push /path/to/zip /sdcard/”.
– Option 3: External SD: Copy the zip to an external SD and then insert the card into your phone.
7. Go to the “Install” menu of TWRP and flash the zip.

TWRP is initialized and fully functional at this stage.


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