Phoenix Service Tool Credits

Phoenix Service Tool credits

Phoenix Service Tool credits are available at reasonable rates. This is a Powerful software tool designed for servicing Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Nokia HMD, OnePlus, and Realme devices. It offers various features such as Reading device Information, Flashing firmware, Fastboot to EDL, Mi Account Reset, Unlocking devices, Factory Reset, FRP Reset, Premium Checker, and Firmware downloads, Specifically, it supports Samsung FRP Reset in MTP mode, which includes resetting Samsung accounts, compatible with all security levels and binary version, and it supports all Android versions.

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List of Features Supported By Phoenix Service Tool

  • Flashing All Nokia HMD Devices, regardless of the model or chipset used. It supports a wide range of chipsets including (MTK/SPD/UNISOC/QLM)
  • Perform Factory Reset, Erase Userdata, Wipe data, and Remove Pin, Pattern, and Fingerprint locks.
  • Reset FRP (Google Factory Reset Protection) Erase FRP/Remove Google Locks.
  • Reading Device Info, IMEI, SKUID, Product Version, Software Version, Product TA Version, Serial Number, and Security Version.



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