Nokia 105 TA-1010 Password Unlocking 100% Tested

Here we will show you the steps you will require for Nokia TA-1010 password unlocking and it’s 100% Tested by me. The steps are easy and it’s for Nokia 105 TA-1010 MT6261 chipset. To unlock this phone you will need the following :

  • Miracle box software. Even crack will do.
  • Nokia connectivity cable driver. Download Here.
  • USB cable
  • At least 30% of phone battery charge.

Nokia TA-1010 password Unlocking 100% Tested

Nokia TA-1010 password

Also download Nokia 105 TA-1010 flash file here for free

Steps for Nokia TA-1010 password Unlocking

NB: Make sure the phone is switched OFF

  1. Download the Nokia USB connectivity cable driver and install on your computer. If you already installed then skip this step.
  2. Launch Miracle box software.
  3. On the user interface select MTK tab and then select the Service tab.
  4. From the list of options available select Rd Unlock/IMEI option.
  5. On the CPU type drop-down menu, choose Nokia RM-1110/1/1133/4. On other miracle models its boot 12th.
  6. Click the Start Button and Connect Nokia 105 TA-1010 your phone without holding any key.
  7. Once the phone is detected you will see the process starting. Do not disconnect until it finishes reading the password.
  8. When the process is done successfully, you will see the unlock code of your phone. Switch ON your phone and use that code to unlock your device.
  9. Done!!

Check the image below for more info.

Nokia TA-1010 password

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