The Kio Kit Transforming Lives Of African Students

A tough flight case, ruggedised tablets, a virtually indestructible router/modem with a built-in microserver: Its the Kio KIt which is transforming lives of African students.

It looks like it might be designed for mobile C&C police or military units, but the BRCK Kio Kit is made with a more benevolent aim in mind.

The Kenyan-designed kit is the latest piece of hardware from the people behind crisis-mapping software Ushahidi.
They hope it will be used to bring internet connectivity and digital learning materials to poor rural schools across Africa.

The Kio Kit is a simple and elegant solution that consists of:
• 40 Kio tablets (see Kio spec sheet for details)
• A BRCK+Pi microserver
• 40 kid friendly earphones
• A hardened, water resistant, lockable case that is mobile

The bright yellow case is rubberised and designed to survive not just dry and dusty conditions in rural schools, but also handling by the first graders at whom they are targeted.

At $99 a pop, they’re relatively affordable too and – in a coup for the BRCK team – have been designed and assembled locally too.


Students at Korr Primary school Marsabit recieving Tablets



The Kio Kit is a simple and elegant solution that can turn any classroom into a digital classroom in minutes.

Custom-made tablets are designed for use by standard one pupils living in harsh environments across rural Africa where electricity is intermittent.

The company describes the kit as a “digital classroom in a box”.

The devices are pre-loaded with content for Standard One and Two in five subjects, approved by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).

With a hardened, water-resistant, lockable case, the Kio Kit consists of 40 ruggedized Kio tablets, headphones and a BRCK containing both world-class local and international content.

There is a single plug to charge the Kit and one button to power on the entire system. The Kio Tablets and BRCK within it have enough battery to manage intermittent power in rural areas.

One key feature of the Kio tablets is that they can be charged wirelessly, so they can be dropped into the flight case to recharge, without the need to fiddle with cables.

The tablets can be used for eight hours without power, and is rugged enough to allow for occasional drops and spills

Teachers will use laptops as their main tools of instruction while pupils will use tablets.
The laptops will be used for developing content and applications.

The Kio Kit comes with a wealth of pre-loaded content from some of the world’s leading digital publishers.

It includes: Academic content aligned to local curriculum; games that stimulate critical thinking; and content outside of the curriculum focused on responsible citizenship.

It is designed for schools with poor infrastructure.

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