10 Most Annoying Things When Using Computers

Annoying Computer

10 Most Annoying Things When Using Computers


Computers are a wonderful invention but that doesn’t mean that they can’t frustrate us to the point of insanity sometimes. Here are the 10 annoying things using computers


1.Computer viruses

Viruses can infect a computer causing it to lose valuable data, share personal information or completely malfunction.

Almost every computer user on the planet lives in fear of the fact that at any moment their computer can be attacked by a virus.

Whether the virus in question is a fairly harmless adware program that you installed on accident or a truly malicious piece of software that steals personal information, viruses are a major problem all over the world.

There are times no matter what you do, your computer ends up with a virus! Now what you be like, “My DATA!!??@@#$%”…..

2.Slow internet connection

How annoying a “slow” internet connection is…
Is there anything more frustrating than a slow internet connection?

This problem recently finished ninth in The Guardian’s top 100 most annoying things.

Sometimes when you are in the middle of writing something or downloading suddenly the internet start crawling and you are just glued to the screen waiting and wishing and cursing ….

3. Software Issues

Everyone has had the experience of buying new software and then when they got home it didn’t work.

Most of us have banged our heads in frustration as we tried in vain to figure out why.

Finally we gave up and called customer service and most of the time they couldn’t help us and so we head back to the store and find out that they don’t refund software programs.

Sometimes your installed programs just out of nowhere crashes and there is nothing you can do …. Damn it!!!!

4. Pop-up web pages

You are in the midst of finalizing your report and a pop-up ad appears on your browser. You close it and it opens another page!!!

Internet surfing can be cruelly interrupted by masses of unwanted pop-ups appearing on a screen.

For someone who is keen in adhering to strict schedule, pop-ups are disturbing.

5. Spam emails

Spam emails are not only a hassle to delete but could also contain harmful malware waiting to infect your computer.

They keep coming even if you use spam filters.

We’re all sick of spam, whether it’s Nigerian banking scams, pseudo-sexy invitations, or click-for-malware buttons.

6. Breaking a PC

As useful, comfortable and enjoyable as it can be to enjoy a PC in any location you choose, transporting laptops can lead to nasty accidents such as droppages which can prove to be an expensive error.

Anyone with kids knows that all it takes is a drink being spilled (even with the no drinks at the computer rule) for a computer to become useless, and more than one person who has been rushing to work has dropped their computer and had it break that way.

7.Hardware Issues

Along with software issues hardware issues are enough to drive even the calmest person to the brink of throwing their computer across the room in a fit of rage.

While the annoying thing about software is that it doesn’t work and can be a pain to get working, hardware issues can mean your computer doesn’t work at all.

For many of us a hardware problem can be the same as having a completely broken computer.

8. They can shut Down without Warning

Everyone who uses computers frequently has had a time when they were working on something important when the computer suddenly decided it needed to shut down for some reason.

The reason the computer decided to shut down doesn’t really matter when you lose all the work you had been working on.

While most operating systems do have built in save features for this problem, they don’t always work.

9. Very slow computer

This is probably one of worst things one would want to experience with their PC.
Just imagine yourself sitting there just to wait for your system to start.

That would be unforgivable, especially if you are trying to beat a deadline.

10. Device Drivers Is Missing?!!

You are excited to listen to the latest album of your favourite music on your laptop.

You click your mp3 to open and you soon discover you don’t have a driver installed for it to work. What!! Where did they go??

You are not alone. It is most definitely annoying, especially if you soon realize that you don’t have the CD that contain these drivers or worst, you may have these CDs but is already outdated.


Do you have any annoying incidents with your computer? Feel free to share with us at the comments section, we will love to hear more…

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