Infinix Note 4 Firmware Download all Versions

Infinix Note 4 Firmware

Download Infinix Note 4 firmware for all the versions below.

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  • Version :X572-H5312AD-O-180810V157
  • Update :2018/09/10
  • Version :X572-H5312CE-O-180810V129
  • Update :2018/09/10
  • Version :X572-H5312E-O-IN-180810V72
  • Update :2018/09/10
infinix note 4


INFINIX NOTE 4 has the newest Sharp 5.7” display feature with high color gamut – reaching 85% NTSC, which is 20% higher than most competing smartphones. With a 1300 (TBD) contrast rate and luminance, exceeding 500cd/m2 which together makes the screen unbelievably colorful, clear and dynamic.

The powerful NOTE 4 octa-core chipset gives the best experiences in gaming, streaming, or surfing the internet. 2GB RAM delivers enjoyable and smooth performance, and up-to 128GB external memory provide excellent overall user experience.

The INFINIX NOTE 4 user experience offers many new and interesting features based on Android N. It has the Multi-Windows which means you can simultaneously process two applications using a split-screen view. Also, the NOTE4 introduces an upgraded Fingerprint function that adds viewing of photo libraries, voice recording, and customizing quick opening of apps via different finger input.

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