How to Flash SpreadTrum Phones with Aladdin

How to Flash Spreadtrum

Below are simple steps on how to flash spreadtrum phones like feature phones with Aladdin software. Aladdin is a useful tool to read phone information and also write flash files. You can read passwords and reset locks also, but today we will show you how to simply flash a phone.

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To flash a spreadtrum phone you will need the following:

  • The phone should have at least 30% charge.
  • The flash file for the exact phone model.
  • USB cable
  • PC with Aladdin already installed.
  • Spreadtrum Drivers should be installed.

Steps to Flash SpreadTrum Phones:

Follow these steps on how to flash your spreadtrum or feature phone.

  • Launch Aladdin software
  • Click the “Connect” Button
  • Click the Spreadtrum tab
  • Select write flash
  • In the Mobile option menu, select the CPU type of your phone. If you are not sure you can Google for the phone specs and find its CPU type.
  • Then Click on the folder icon and navigate to where you have saved the flash file and select it.
  • Click start
  • With the phone switched OFF, hold the boot key and plug in the USB cable.
  • Once the computer detects your phone and the flashing process begins, release the boot key and wait for the process to finish.
  • Don’t disconnect the cable while flashing it might brick your phone.
  • If successfully flashed then just disconnect and power ON the phone.
  • Done!!

how to flash

Download Aladdin Flashing tool here!!

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