AftersalesTool V1.5.1 Full Updated Transsion Free Download

Download the Latest and Updated Transsion AfterSalesTool V1.5.1 Full version.

This is a quick guide on how to add new models to the configuration table of Aftersales IMEI tool

  • Launch IMEItool
  • Click ‘Device settings’ at the top left hand corner
  • In the new window that pops up, right click on any model > add model
  • A new brand named ‘VILLAON’ will be added
  • Double click on the name ‘VILLAON’ under brands > change it to the desired brand name
  • Do the same for the “models, platform, smartphone, sim , AP & BP” tabs
  • Click OK once you’re done
AftersalesTool V1.5.1

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Download AfterSalesTool V1.5.1

TRANSSION AfterSale Tool is an official tool use in factory for fixing IMEI on before getting to market foe sale, this tool support varies model which i wont be able to list All of them now, some like;  Tecno Ka8, Tecno Ca6, Tecno Ca7, Tecno Ca8, Tecno Ka7, Tecno La6, Tecno La7, Infinix X604, Infinix X606, Infinix X606B, X606D, in short all the secured boot cpu and non secured cpu devices, including Qualcomm cpu’s like Infinix X608, X572, X622 and SPD devices like Itel P33, P33 Plus, S33 etc.   Download the tool you will  see them in details.

In the old version Tool, to fix the Imei you need both BP and  AP files contain in the firmware, thou the tool come with some of the the BP and AP of some devices but if yours is not listed then you’ll need to get one first.

For the new version of tool you don’t need BP and AP all you need to do is connect PC to internet and Update the Attestation Key.


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