Login to the official website of tivit bet

Players can use their email or phone number to log in to tivit casino. It is also possible to get logged in through social media. If you follow the rules of Tivit Casino, you can avoid login problems.

What is forbidden to do at an online casino?

Players can find the tivit bet login on the home page and register at the online club in literally 5 minutes. However, you should understand that you should first study the user agreement. Such is offered for a reason. This allows the user to understand what not to do within a particular institution. Some newcomers easily get blocked and lose the credited deposit.

The list of restrictions is not so wide, but it is already worth paying attention to:

  • A user is not allowed to play from several accounts at once. This approach is punishable by an instant ban. In this case, the player can activate several bonus options at once, which is prohibited by the rules of the club.
  • The player may not give other people’s information when registering. This will be found out in any case. The administration may request a passport check at any time. If something does not match, the user will have to explain himself.

The gambler should not behave abusively towards the support staff and other players. In professional establishments, even social media is monitored. Violators and provocateurs are quickly added to blacklists and removed from the casino audience.

How to verify correctly?

Don’t forget that some casinos require users to verify their details. Verification is not requested by everyone. Usually, this procedure is undergone by those who plan to withdraw a large sum of money. The administration may ask for scans of the passport itself, to make sure that the player is of legal age.

To avoid mistakes, you should only take a photo of your passport. It is possible to opt out of this and opt for the logical sciences. Usually, the list of available documents is published directly on the institution’s website and in the personal cabinet.

Verification takes up to several days. The main thing is that the scans are clear, showing all the necessary data. This applies mainly to the series passport number. The support service will notify you that the account has been verified. If there are any questions, the manager will ask them in internal correspondence.

To avoid waiting a long time for the withdrawal of funds, it is better to be identified immediately after registration. The administration remembers such players and adds them to the VIP list. This means that payments to the cash desk from these clients are processed first.


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