Samsung A11 MDM File

Download the Samsung A11 MDM File and flash using Unlock Tool software. This phone is Qualcomm and inside the folder, you will find the .xml file and the ADB script.

NB: To connect this phone you will need to find the test points. Test points can be found in unlock tool. Remove the battery, Short the test point, and insert the USB cable. The phone will be in EDL mode and flashing can proceed’

Steps to Flash

  1. Complete kg using the Qualcomm tab and use server, select Samsung A11, and model.
  2. Load file, (XML). Browse to the folder where the MDM file is and tap load. This will load all the files. And tap flash.
  3. After the flash, the phone will ask to reset, tap reset, and done.
  4. Enable ADB debugging from settings.
  5. Run the Script
  6. Done!

Samsung A11 MDM File

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