My Safaricom App Error " sorry unable to process your request please try again later "

After successful installation of the Safaricom app on my phone, I tried to launch it but to my surprise I get the error message ” sorry unable to process your request please try again later “!!

I downloaded the app from the Google play store so I knew it is legit. After trying again and again I knew something is not right. This app is either a shitty app or it was my phone.

This app doesn’t work on WiFi network which is my favorite mode of connection when using my phone. You must use only the mobile data.

Safaricom app error

I decided to contact the Safaricom customer care on twitter. To my surprise I didn’t get much help. They instructed me to try various methods to solve the issue but in the end the app never worked.

My Safaricom App Error tips

These are some of the methods I tried;

  • Switch off the phone and then restart again and try to launch.
  • Switch data network off and then on again.
  • Disabling dual sim, and use only the Safaricom line.
  • Swapping the sim to line one on my phone.
  • Uninstalling other apps.
  • Uninstall and install again the Safaricom app.

After all these tries nothing worked for me. This app is only supported on selected few phones. But for me am just very disappointed by Safaricom for making such an app and never considered the errors most of the users are encountering. 

This app is full of errors and many users have reported issues like;

  • Constant hanging
  • Problems in Mpesa transactions
  • Activation code not sending
  • Slow response
  • Not supported in some phone models
  • App keeps crashing
  • Cannot use WiFi network
  • Cannot access mshwari
  • Forcing users to update app
  • Login issues
  • Delayed messages and summary
  • Buggy update

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Safaricom App Users Review

These are just some of what the users had to say.

“I am totally disappointed with the app since it’s not possible to log in again once you reinstall it and you are not within Kenya. It means I will no longer be able to utilize the application. Very disappointing indeed!’

“Keeps on disappointing when you need to use it the most. I’ve had to revert to the SIM toolkit a number of times. Good for making awkward situations in supermarkets and Ubers.”

“Sometimes when you really need it it takes ages to load. Could be the internet but its mighty inconvenient when one is in a queue at say a supermarket.”

” sorry unable to process your request please try again later “

Please Safaricom fix the app and improve on your customers support service.


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