Top 5 Common Problems of High School Students

Problems of High School Students
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Teenage years are as hard on teenagers as they are on their parents. As a parent, all you know is that your high school child is making parenting a bit frustrating for you. Meanwhile, your teenage son or daughter thinks you’re being too much and unfairly unreasonable. Perhaps, putting yourself in their shoes and trying to understand what they are going through can help.
Adults tend to think that since children have no bills to pay or cater to, they don’t have problems. However, high school students have problems peculiar to them, which can affect their behavior at home – or worse. Below are five of the most common problems peculiar to high school students.
⦁ Homework
Homework is at the top of the list of high school students’ most common problems. According to the statistics, high school students often come home with more homework than they can handle. It is no doubt beneficial to get psychology homework help. After all, it helps students do a personal reading, thus ensuring a better understanding of that subject.
However, the issue is that many of these students also have jobs or other responsibilities that need their attention. Thus, juggling homework and those responsibilities can bring down their mood, the brunt of which ends up on their parents.
⦁ Bullying
Bullying is another problem most common among high school students. According to the ASPCC (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), at least 28% of students aged twelve to eighteen have suffered bullying. Unfortunately, students with this problem are often at a loss of what to do and who to tell.
You’d think they should be able to tell you, but their parents are often the last to hear about this. Bullying comes in different ways; it can be physical abuse or an assault on their psychological being. A high school student who suffers bullying at school is always nervous about going to school because it is hell for them.
⦁ Anxiety
Another common problem high school students have is test or exam anxiety. That makes sense since students are always taking tests, sometimes even on the first day of resumption. From aptitude tests to national tests, there are enough tests to leave a teenager stressed out.
The anxiety is even worse when the particular test carries penalties for failing or not doing them at all. While we’d love to take this problem out, we know that these tests are there to help their knowledge. The only thing left to do is figure out how to navigate this anxiety, guiding them to set a stage for success.
⦁ Tiredness
Exhaustion is another problem common to many high school students. It is not easy to wake up as early as 5 am so as not to miss the 6:30 am school bus. Your high school daughter or son is being forced to break his or her natural sleep cycle, thus, exhaustion.
The American Academy of Pediatrics proposed that high school and classes start at 8:30 am to combat this problem. Nevertheless, about 40% of high schools start their classes before 8 am, even for middle school students.
⦁ An Unfair Teacher
Sometimes, a high school student’s problem is that of a teacher picking on them for no just cause. It sounds preposterous, but some teachers act unprofessional and don’t deserve the title “teacher.”
It is common to find a high school student nervous about going to school because his teacher makes him miserable. A study submitted that over 60% of high school students could point to a teacher who impacted them negatively.
If your teenage child behaves unseemly at home, perhaps they are experiencing any of these problems. Rather than assume that the behavior is normal, you may first want to identify the root causes. Your kid’s “ do my homework difficulties” may be related to their odd behavior and school problems.
Understanding what your teenager classifies as a burden will help you understand them better, thus developing a better relationship with them.


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