Online casino verification

The more the online gaming sector grows, the more demanding the regulations imposed to prevent fraud in online gaming are. The most recent in this field is the identity verification in online betting houses and casinos. This identity verification procedure is carried out directly from the user account. Although, it is also possible to do it through the operator’s official email if the operator formally requires it through our game account.

But why is it necessary to do this online casino verification? Is it genuinely mandatory? What are the documents requested to identify us? Next, we answer all these questions and everything you need to know about how to complete the identity verification process correctly.

Therefore, identity verification aims to prove the user’s authenticity to avoid identity theft, improper access by minors, or possible fraud attempts that may be caused to the operator.

What identity documents are valid?

Valid identity documents must always match the data previously entered in the registration form of the bookmaker or online casino and will be:

  • Copy of Passport details
  • ID card
  • Drivers license
  • Recent utility bill(water, electricity, or phone bill)

Casinos may also ask for a copy of the debit or credit card that you use to make deposits and withdrawals of money. This is done for reasons related to the potential for financial loss. In this particular scenario, each digit that is printed on the card needs to be legible, and the signature needs to be placed on the reverse side of the card.

How to verify your identity step by step?

In this sense, bookmakers and online casinos tell us from the very moment of our registration that it will be necessary to verify our gaming account. It is up to us to do it from the beginning or wait for it to become mandatory.

Depending on the operator with which we register, the identity verification process can be done either through our own account or from your corporate email. Thus, the procedure we must follow according to each case is the following.


Some bookmakers or online casinos can request our identity documents through their corporate email, which must always appear with an @ followed by the exact name of the operator.

Verification system or software

It is the most common since most operators have their own integrated management tools or acquire them from security companies, such as Hooyu or Jumio, among others. The steps you must follow are the following:

Access your user profile through the “My Account” or “Profile” section. Next, click on “Upload Documents” or “Account Verification.”

A tool or software will appear to upload the files that may give you the option of taking the image directly or uploading a file/image with our document on both sides separately.

Once these steps have been completed, we must wait for the operator to confirm that the verification has been carried out successfully. It is possible that with these tools, our account verification is instantaneous on some platforms.

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