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Licensed casino Mostbet works only with proven software. Players expect fair slot machines with real winnings.

What newcomers need to know about video slots

Official Mostbet offers players more than 300 licensed slots. There are well-known slots such as The Book of Ra, The Resident, or Bananas Going to the Bahamas, as well as new slots of the season. On the plus side of slots, the odds of winning are high, because the RTP exceeds 95%. But to win more often than other players, you need to use a little tip-taking.

Finding “heated” slots

That’s what players call slots in which a lot of bets are made. Practice shows that “hot” slots after a long “infusion” of funds give generous winnings. And the task of the player is to find such machines.

They are usually listed in the “Popular” section. Understanding which of the applications will soon answer with a win is possible thanks to the presented statistics. Among the heated slots should not be those in which there have recently been large victories of users. It is in such slot machines that you need to bet because the slot is about to respond with a payoff of the money deposited.

Using the demo mode

For earnings, it is not suitable. But the free version of the slot allows you to assess whether the specified RTP corresponds to reality, how often bonuses are issued, and whether the player understands the rules.

Demo mode is present in almost all slot machines Mostbet. To activate it, just click on the slot, next to the word “Demo”. After that, you will be offered two options – free version and using the deposit.

Play in the demo version until the player decides whether he likes the conditions of the slot. If you like the interface, the machine has a high return and a lot of bonuses, you can try your luck with real money.

Slots with bonuses

Mostbet slots generously reward active users. They offer free spins, thanks to which you can play slots without spending money from your balance.

Advantages of using bonuses:

  • are provided immediately after fulfilling the main condition – for example, depositing the required amount in the account;
  • can be applied to the specified slots immediately after accrual;
  • allow earning and withdrawing real money;
  • are valid for several days, so that the player can be guaranteed to take advantage of a unique offer.

Bonuses are given to play specific slots. For example, “Strawberry”. And they can be used only in the specified slot.

1 bonus equals 1 spin of the reel. As soon as the user pressed the knob, the wheel began to move, and 1 free spin was deducted from the bonus account.

The disadvantages of free spins can be called only the need to wager earned money. To do this, you need to earn, playing slots, a certain amount. For example, 1000 AZN. Moreover, to withdraw money using free spins in the game, it is necessary to spend all accrued spins, as well as to meet the 100% condition of the limit. Otherwise, the application will not be approved.

Once the user has racked up the right amount of money and spent all the bonuses, he can get the money he earned. Mostbet always pays out winnings, regardless of the amount.

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