⚡ Miracle Box Ver 3.15 (OPPO/XIAOMI) Refined Update World’s First ⚡

Miracle Box Latest update Free download Thunder power with massive improvements and updates to the largest mobile phone database in the world.

Miracle box latest update

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More then Millions Mobile Supported

Millions of Mobile Support
? Connect Auto CPU
? Connect Model Wise
? Last 9 Year Number 1

Miracle Thunder Version 3.15 Released 1st February 2021

1. Add Miracle Digital (Login) No Need Box/Key.
2. Add MTK Disable Auth Mediatek Exploit No need Authorized.
Supported SoCs
Mediatek MT6735
Mediatek MT6737
Mediatek MT6739
Mediatek MT6765
Mediatek MT6785
Mediatek MT6771
Mediatek MT8127
Mediatek MT8163
Mediatek MT8173
Mediatek MT8695

3. MTK Disable Authorized Support List.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (Begonia)
Xiaomi Redmi 6A (Cactus)
Xiaomi Redmi 6 (Cereus)
Xiaomi Mi Play (Lotus)
OPPO Realme C2
OPPO Realme C2s
OPPO Realme 6
OPPO Realme 6s
OPPO Realme Narz
Oppo Reno 2F
Oppo Reno Lite
OPPO Realme 6i
Oppo Realme C11
Oppo Realme C12
Oppo Realme C15
Oppo Realme C20
OPPO Realme 3
Vivo Y3s
Vivo Y17

4. Add OPPO Realme All New Model Factory Reset Support (Meta Mode).

Reinvented eMMC 5.1 & UFS 2.1 Supported (World’s First)
MediaTek Helio G35 (World’s First)
Mediatek Helio G70 (World’s First)
Mediatek Helio G80 (World’s First)
MediaTek Helio G85 (World’s First)
Mediatek Helio G90T (World’s First)
MediaTek Dimensity 720 5G (World’s First)
MediaTek Dimensity 800U 5G (World’s First)
Mediatek Helio P70 (World’s First)
Mediatek Helio P90 (World’s First)
Mediatek Helio P95 (World’s First)

Miracle Box Update Download Links

New User Download Full Setup
Old User Can Download Only Update Setup.

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Check the video below on how to install Miracle Thunder Update

Hot Sale!! Original Miracle box +Miracle key with cables

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New Models List Miracle Thunder Update

Miracle Thunder Update Overview

Miracle Thunder Dongle is the smallest and fastest solution for Qualcomm, Mediatek, Spreadtrum and Android-based mobile phones with free Miracle 1 year support access.

Note! After 1 year it is necessary to renew access by means of activation.

Miracle Thunder Dongle – Qualcomm Features:
  • Chipset auto detection
  • Read pattern lock for Qualcomm devices
  • Write RawFirmware
  • Format
  • Custom Flasher
  • Read information
  • Unlock network code
  • Read / write / reset EFS
  • Read / write / format QCN
  • Repair IMEI
  • Fast factory reset in EDL mode
  • Added one click read pattern lock in EDL mode
  • No need in root / USB debug
  • Added read codes for Qualcomm phones
  • Added read extended info for EDL operations
  • Improved manual flasher
  • Improved generic QC IMEI repair
  • Fixed connection bugs
Miracle Thunder Dongle – Mediatek Features:
  • Read/write firmware
  • Format
  • IMEI repair
  • Unlock network code
  • Read anti-theft code
  • Unlock pattern code
  • Unlock boot loader
  • Read/write NV
  • Read phone book
  • Fix unknown baseband
  • Read/write preloader
Miracle Thunder Dongle – Spreadtrum Features:
  • Read/write firmware
  • Format
  • IMEI repair
  • Unlock network code
  • Read anti-theft code
  • Unlock pattern code
  • Unlock boot loader
  • Read/write NV
  • Read phone book
  • Fix unknown baseband

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  1. Hi Hassan, was wondering on this Itel it5081, I was removing this ‘ illegals use when powered on with SIM inside, well, any possible way to get this device back to normal since t then inverted its contents on display even though illegal use was a success, I’ve tried all possible firmware but all in vain…. Kindly HELP. I’ve been keen on your posts and i see all your posts are legitimate… Hope to be success in this.

  2. pls the miracle thunder edition 2.91
    does it require box to work . because i download and install it. but it refuse to open. pls help me out

      1. Hassan Kindly Help me with the Patch file for Miracle thunder V2.82,
        I already have the crack and I installed it successfully but it has refused to open my friends are telling me it is missing a patcher cos it tells me To copy and paster Abjfllslla,

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