Infinix Service Manuals PDF Free Download

Here you can download almost all of Infinix Service Manuals PDF for free. These service manuals include a lot of information regarding different Infinix Phone models, including:

  • PCBA MainBoard Components
  • Disassembly Instructions
  • Screen Disassembly
  • Service Devices
  • Auxiliary Materials
  • Network and Call Function Test
  • ESD Protection
  • and many more…
Infinix Service Manuals

The purpose of this document is to help technicians to carry out service to products. This Service Manual content is confidential. While every endeavor has been made to ensure the accuracy of this document, some errors may exist.

If you find any errors or if you have further suggestions, please notify us using the address below: Mailto: [email protected]

Please keep in mind also that this documentation is continuously being updated and modified, so watch always out for the newest version.

Warnings and cautions

Please refer to the phone’s user guide for instructions relating to the operation, care, and maintenance including important safety information. Note also the following:

  1. Service centers must be taken on installation in vehicles fitted with electronic engine management systems and anti–skid braking systems (ABS). Under certain fault conditions, emitted RF energy can affect their operation. If necessary, consult the vehicle dealer/manufacturer to determine the immunity of vehicle electronic systems to RF energy.
  • The hand-portable telephone must not be operated in areas likely to contain potentially explosive atmospheres, EG petrol stations (service stations), blasting areas, etc.

Operation of any radio transmitting equipment, including cellular telephones, may interfere with the functionality of inadequately protected medical devices. Consult a physician or the manufacturer of the medical device if you have any questions. Other electronic equipment may also be subject to interference.

Infinix Service Manuals PDF

CCfX660 (S5pro)_Service Manual V1.0

Infinix_X180_Service Manual_v1.0

Infinix_X506_X506S_Service Manual_v1.0

Infinix_X509_Service Manual_v2.0

Infinix_X510_Service Manual_v1.0

Infinix_X511_Service Manual_v1.0

Infinix_X521_Service Manual_v1.0

Infinix_X522_Service Manual_v1.0

Infinix_X551_Service Manual_v2.0

Infinix_X559_Service Manual_v1.0

Infinix_X5010_Service Manual_v2.0

  1. Servicing and alignment must be undertaken by qualified personnel only.
  2. Ensure all work is carried out at an anti–static workstation and that an anti–static wrist strap is worn.
  3. Use only approved components as specified in the parts list.
  4. Ensure all components, modules screws and insulators are correct re–fitted after servicing and alignment.
  5. Ensure all cables and wires are repositioned correctly.

Any product of which the covers are removed must be handled with ESD protection. The SIM card can be replaced without ESD protection if the product is otherwise ready for use. To replace the covers ESD protection must be applied.

All electronic parts of the product are susceptible to ESD. Resistors, too, can be damaged by static electricity discharge. All ESD-sensitive parts must be packed in metalized protective bags during shipping and handling outside an ESD Protected Area (EPA).

Every repair action involving opening the product or handling the product components must be done under ESD protection. ESD-protected spare part packages MUST NOT be opened/closed out of an ESD Protected Area.


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