How to download and install Windows 11 on the PC?

Are you someone who isn’t technical savvy? Then don’t worry. We will help you if you are looking for ways to download and install windows 11 on your system. We all know your computer behaves in default mode when your previous Windows version expires. So it’s better to reinstall Windows 11 or buy a new purchase. If these thoughts also strike you, then relax and follow our step-by-step guide to achieve the best optimized Windows 11. 

 They are so beginning with the number 1 step; you have to download Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft’s official website. There are three ways to download Windows 11 ISO with three different links. However, all three links are used, but people go for a clean installation. To achieve it, try out the second and third methods. If you are confused, what is the first, second and third method? Have no worries, as we are going to talk about it here. 

  • The first method (Installation Assistant) – This is the ideal way to upgrade your system when you are looking for a safer approach. It means that the data is stored safely with all the information. It is like when you decide to update the computer with upgrade services. 
  • The second method (Installation Media) is a way where a person is a novice user or has a computer with Windows 11 support. Even if your laptop gets a little older, for example, 4 to five years, the installation will also support it. Now without further ado, these are the minimum requirements. Are you still worried about whether you can opt for Windows 11 installation or not? Then read here. 

You need to have a two or more-core processor with 64-bit and 4-gigabyte RAM. Also, ensure that your system includes 64GB of space storage and a secure boot motherboard. Windows 11 will only function if the trusted platform module is 2.0 version. The graphic card must be compatible with DirectX 12. Or you can even try out a high-definition display with a WDDM 2.0 driver display. And, of course, the internet is obvious to understand during installation. 

Ways to make Windows 11 a bootable flash drive media creation tool

Let us go step by step to understand it in a more accessible and better way.

  1. First, go down and press the download button on the screen. Then the downloaded file must be run.
  2. Then you have to click on the accept option while agreeing to the license agreement.
  3. Go for the selection of language and edition. If in case you have a license for some special edition, it will show out as soon as you activate it.
  4. Then, select the creation of a USB flash drive and insert the data. Next page, you have to choose the USB flash drive recording.

So this is the final closure, and the process is a time taking one where first you have to download it and then burn it with a USB flash drive. And finally, you will get the readymade bootable windows flash drive.

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