How to apply for a prepaid card online

If you are a regular online shopper and love shopping in general, the Swiftoo prepaid card is the perfect tool for you. It undoubtedly has advantages in comparison with its debit and credit counterparts, and most importantly, it is issued completely free of charge and promptly, and is also confidential and secure. Swiftoo financial service experts told how to get a prepaid card online and why everyone should do it.

What are the steps involved in issuing a prepaid card?

As mentioned earlier, a free prepaid card is actually instantly available to the client, because for it you do not need to go through special bank checks, such as when receiving a credit card. To order a prepaid card online, the client must:

go to the Swiftoo website, find and click on the “Apply” section;
in the pop-up registration form, indicate personal information, as well as the type of account being opened;
wait for a call from our manager and agree with him all the conditions for obtaining a card;
wait until the Mastercard prepaid card arrives at the specified address;
activate it and get a PIN code.

prepaid card online

As you can see, ordering a Mastercard prepaid card is a fairly quick process that does not require you to collect a large package of documentation, as well as additional effort or time.

Benefits of prepaid “plastic”

Here you are already an online prepaid card holder. What advantages does she have?

No overdraft part (the same as the credit part) – you will never spend more than you planned.
Such cards are widely distributed and have won the recognition of a wide audience.
A high level of security, because the card is not tied to the holder’s main bank account.
Confidentiality – the service does not need the full personal data of the client in order to release such “plastic” for him.
Mobility – such a card can be virtual, which means it is always located where your smartphone is.

Our service guarantees high customer service and regular support in a format convenient for you. In order to secure your purchases on the Internet, among other things, we recommend that you do not disclose personal information (PIN and CVC codes), as well as beware of unverified hyperlinks and be wary of phone calls supposedly from employees of a financial institution.

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