E-wallet development with NFC payments in Indonesia

The modern economy is increasingly becoming digital. According to 2021 data, the volume of payments using the NFC contactless standard grew by more than 33%. This figure continues to go up.

Cash is gradually becoming a thing of the past. They are replaced by a special ewallet app. This technology allows you to make payments all over the world without having to take a lot of cash with you. Remarkably, the growth of the digital economy encourages people from all over the world to be more active in online business.

Ewallet app

Indonesia Bank predicts that the market share of NFC payments (https://walletfactory.com/en-id/how-to-pay/contactless-nfc-technology) will increase several times by the end of 2022. The popularity of NFC payments is due to convenience, speed, and low commissions.

Indonesian banks and neo-banks are continuously expanding the capabilities of their ewallet app, developing the payment ecosystem. Indonesia is among the few countries that are ready for the digital revolution in payments. The total population is 270 million people, of which 50% cannot use banks because of geographical and infrastructural restrictions. A Digital Wallet is the key to freedom, as according to Google more than 60% of the population uses smartphones.

But the high-quality digital solution is still difficult to create. Our WalletFactory company offers a digital platform and white label, personal software development for your company. Contact us right now, and get personal advice and an individual price for the development within a very short time.

What is ewallet app?

Digital solution – soft, allowing you to carry out a transaction with a minimum commission. It is distributed as software. How to work with a digital wallet:

  • download from Play Market or App Store platforms;
  • install soft;
  • indicate personal information: email address, phone number, date of birth;
  • set a pin-code. It significantly increases the protection of your digital solution;
  • link a bank card. This is done very easily: you need to click on the Link cards button and indicate the card number, expiration date, and security code.

After registration, you can make transfers to anywhere in the world in a minute. In addition, the price of transactions will be extremely low, and the money comes almost instantly, unlike bank transfers.

Get an individual digital solution right now. WalletFactory will provide you with a high-tech ewallet app and help you integrate it into your enterprise infrastructure.

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