1 Year Infinity Box CM 2 Renew Updates & Support 50$ Only

CM 2 Renew

1 year updates/support renew for Infinity-Box/Dongle (Chinese Miracle-2 Included) prolongs free support/updates period for 1 years. CM 2 Renew

New updates/support policy is related to Main Infinity-Box/Dongle owners only, other Infinity-Box/Dongle users will remain on old update/support policy.

Instant Boxes and Dongles Tool Activation and Renewal Services Available

Updates/support period starts from the date of initial registration procedure (first smart-card upgrade).
User can see actual Account Expiration Date in Online Service or in Support/Download area.
User can activate new updates/support period via Online Service.

Purchase of this virtual product is generally processed within 2 hours after we received your payment in full.

PLEASE NOTE that you should provide correct card SN while placing an order. Card SN can be read with Dongle Manager software and should be in 8-digit HEX format.

1 Year CM 2 Renew

Contact Hassan: Email gudehaile@gmail.com, Whatsapp +254712969574

Price: 50$-5,000Kshs

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