Atvel Tune S5 ProX: wireless earphones with one of the best value for money

The ideology of minimalism often means having one compact headset for all devices and any use cases: from morning run music to watching movies on a laptop. TWS is not the most obvious form factor for this approach, however, a number of interesting features implemented in Atvel’s Tune S5 ProX earphones make it possible to argue with this.

Atvel Tune S5 ProX

In addition to the case with the earphones already packed, it contains a charging cable, a set of interchangeable ear pads of different sizes, a fairly detailed instruction for today, and also a special cleaning stick. Everything is placed very carefully, packed in protective films, bags and boxes.

If the fit of the earphones seems not comfortable enough, the problem can be solved by replacing the ear pads – there are four interchangeable pairs of different sizes in the kit. Like many TWS headsets, Tune S5 ProX supports touch controls. Use of control functions is confirmed by sound and sometimes even voice messages.

Tune S5 ProX is truly versatile – the headset tries to please even gamers. A triple quick tap on the left activates game mode, reducing latency to 100ms (which is why track switching is only supported in one direction). Of course, compared to wired earphones, the delay can be noticed, but on smartphones with Bluetooth 5.2 it is quite acceptable.

Also the earphones have Multipoint technology, which allows you to connect to two devices at the same time. For example, you can quickly switch between calling or listening to music on your smartphone and watching a movie on your laptop or tablet in a completely “transparent” mode for the user, except with a slight delay.

Let’s move on to the main thing. Although Atvel does not position itself as a premium audiophile brand, they have invested heavily in sound quality. Thanks to the powerful Qualcomm QCC3046 signal processing chipset and support for Qualcomm aptX technology, the sound of the earphones is clear and without a hint of overload at maximum volume.

Traditionally problematic for many TWS basses are quite powerful and deep, they are felt clearly, but do not “hammer” – thanks to the large (by the standards of their class) 10 mm wool composite speakers.

The active noise reduction system with four microphones at a sufficient volume almost completely cuts off any extraneous sounds. And during phone calls, noise reduction is complemented by Qualcomm’s cVc 8.0 speech recognition technology, so the voice sounds great even in noisy environments.

The earbuds have IPX5 water and sweat resistance – you can work out and listen to music in the rain. The autonomy of the Tune S5 ProX is decent – the declared time of continuous operation without noise reduction is 6 hours from a single charge and up to 30 hours, taking into account recharging from the case.

The earphones are charged within an hour, and the first 10 minutes of charging allow you to listen to music for an hour and a half. A full charge of the case itself will take about 2 hours when using the cable, and about 3 hours from wireless charging.

Tune S5 ProX is almost devoid of shortcomings – you can only find fault with not the most convenient controls and voice confirmations. But it should be noted that such problems are typical for many models, including more expensive ones. And the design, sound quality, autonomy and functionality of the Tune S5 ProX are at a superior level.


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