1win bet kupon

Prize coupons are the main feature of the 1win betting club. The operator offers a non-standard system of promotions in Azerbaijan, the benefits of which every bettor can get regardless of their budget.

How coupons from bookmaker 1win look like

Users will find 1win kupon in different places. This could be the official website, a themed blog, a forum, a community on VKontakte, or a channel on Telegram. The operator raffles off different gifts through promo codes:

  • The player picks up the free bets. The bettor activates the coupon and receives virtual money. However, these credits can be used to play in real betting mode. In addition, some types of coupons do not need to be wagered as bonuses.
  • The user finds deposit bonuses. The basic bonus structure includes only one deposit gift. The user gets 500% on their first deposit. Players find many more promotions of this type thanks to promo codes.
  • The gambler gets free spins. Separate bonus codes are designed for virtual casino customers. By the way, the player does not need to register a second time to play in two modes at once.

Coupon 1win is a combination of numbers and letters. In another case, it may simply be a link, clicking on which immediately brings the player a bonus.

How a voucher differs from a coupon

The club’s marketers have come up with an effective method of promotion. The operator issues a so-called voucher for users from Azerbaijan. In essence, these are the same as promo codes. However, the activation of these bonuses does not place any conditions on the player.

The voucher is distributed via VKontakte and the official Telegram channel. The frequency of publication varies. A user may only find one voucher per week. In another season, the player will see 10 coupons a day at once. It all depends on the bookmaker’s bonus policy.

The bettor will not receive any money on the vouchers. Instead, the administration will assign win coins to the special balance. This is the bookmaker’s exclusive currency.

Vin coins are not as useless as they may seem at first glance. These virtual credits can bring record winnings. The user will find a separate cashier’s office in his cabinet, where the coins are exchanged for real Azerbaijani manat.

The exchange rate does not depend on the player’s rating and experience. Even a beginner who has spent only a couple of minutes in the club will be able to exchange 100 win coins into real manat. The bettor gets the money for free and can dispose of it as he wants. Some players simply withdraw the money to their cards, while others use the forfeit to fight for jackpots.

The administration recommends subscribing to the VKontakte community right away. The community sends out messages when new vouchers become available, and the number of vouchers is usually limited.

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