SONY Xperia Flash tool for Xperia Devices

Here you can learn more about the SONY Xperia flash tool for Xperia™ devices, which is a desktop application that you can use to flash Sony software on your unlocked Xperia™ device. This is useful if you’ve for example flashed a custom ROM on your device, and want to go change to a standard Sony software. This flash tool can only be used by Xperia™ devices having an unlocked bootloader. Please note that your phone still stays unlocked and that the warranty may still be voided.

Also note that only a limited number of phone models and software versions are supported by this tool, as we are currently running it as a beta version.

Xperia flash tool

Flash mode

To enter Flash mode, make sure your phone is turned off and press and hold the Flash key Volume down when you connect your phone to the computer.

Fastboot mode

To enter Fastboot mode, make sure your phone is turned off and press and hold the Fastboot key Volume up* when you connect your phone to the computer.

* For the following devices the Fastboot key is:

  • Live with Walkman – Menu
  • Xperia arc – Menu
  • Xperia arc S – Menu
  • Xperia neo – Menu
  • Xperia neo V – Menu
  • Xperia pro – Menu
  • Xperia PLAY – Search

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Recovery mode

After you have flashed the latest Sony software version with the Sony Flash tool, your device is capable of booting a recovery image by pressing a key. To use the recovery mode the device must be turned off and you must hold the key Volume down while you press the Power key.

Note: The recovery image is built automatically with the AOSP code. The phone has to be disconnected from the USB cable

Xperia Touch

See where to find the keys on the Xperia Touch.

  1. Power key
  2. Volume keys

SONY Xperia Flash tool Download

How to flash your device

When you have installed the flash tool for Xperia™, you can flash standard Sony software on your unlocked Xperia™ device.

Note: When you flash software onto your device, your user data and content will be erased. Make sure to properly back up all information.

This is how you flash software on your phone:

  1. Computer: Open Emma from the Start menu of your computer.
  2. Connect a USB cable to your computer.
  3. Phone: Turn off your phone.
  4. Connect your phone to the USB cable while holding the flash key (for example Volume down). The flash key varies between models. For a complete key mapping, see the Useful key combinations site.
  5. Computer: Select the software you want to flash in the Service list. The tool automatically detects the phone model and lists available software versions, which are called Services in this flash tool. There are two types of Services, Software Update Content Erase and Firmware Update.Software Update Content Erase = Full Android upgrade firmware Update = Firmware update only (excluding Android)
  6. Click on Apply Service. The phone will now be flashed.
  7. Phone: When you have flashed your device, you can disconnect your phone from the computer. The first time you start your device after you have flashed it, the boot-up might take a little longer than normal.


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