Redeem Bonga Points For Cash

bonga points for cash

Redeem your Bonga Points for Cash Now.

Now we give you the opportunity to get CASH for your Bonga Points.
However, availability of the service to exchange Bonga points to cash depends on the season.
This is because their price is greatly influenced by demand and supply.

Safaricom offers to redeem Bonga points for services like Data Bundles, SMS, Airtime, even pay for air ticket!!! but not for cash!

Most importantly you can get a smartphone by redeeming Bonga points.

There are almost 5 billion Bonga points locked up in people’s mobile phones, that’s according to recent reports.

How many Points Do you have?

Given it is in cash value, it is way better than redeeming gadgets which depreciate highly in price with the stiff competition in the gadget world among the participants.

We buy any amount from as low as 2000 Bonga points

We buy Bonga Points at 20 cents per point. Take a look at our chart below and evaluate.

2000 points @ 400Kshs
5000 points @ 1000Kshs
10000 points @ 2000Kshs

NB: Do Not Send your Points Until you contact us first!!

Contact me on Email or comment below

Once sent you will receive your money through M-pesa.

Get in touch with me on and I will help you through the process.
Redeem for Cash Now!!


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