Uulala Goes Live on IDEX


Uulala, the minority-owned and operated, mobile blockchain-powered Fintech company that provides a complete financial ecosystem designed to serve underbanked communities, announced today that their external utility token EUULA is now listed and available for trading on IDEX Exchange, a decentralized smart contract based exchange with real-time, high-throughput trading. 

“We are excited to be on an international exchange where everybody from all walks of life can actually participate and purchase the EUULA token. IDEX Exchange gives us a platform where we can show the world that Uulala and its’ technology can service a demographic of society that has been left behind. With our tokens being on IDEX, our blockchain being live, and our application going live in the US we can now impact more people’s lives with financial inclusion technology. Now is the time for Uulala to announce and launch globally with IDEX an International Exchange. We are excited that the day has come and we will be pushing for new partners and new agreements so that way we can bring value to our token our utility token and our partnership with IDEX. ” Oscar Garcia, CEO of Uulala. 

INDEX Exchange’s platform is designed specifically for ERC-20 based trading with all transactions performed through the Ethereum Blockchain. This exchange provides investors with the ability to trade continuously across multiple markets without waiting for transactions to mine, place true market orders and fill multiple orders at once, and cancel orders immediately and without gas costs. Their exchange is open to traders from jurisdictions around the world.

As one of the few ICO’s who exceeded their soft cap and go on to create a profitable organization with a true utility token that is in use through their financial solutions platform and app, despite rapid regulatory changes and almost year-long bear market, Uulala has created an altcoin that is worth watching. 

They were the first company to obtain regulatory approval to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) under Bermuda’s strict regulatory process, have directly integrated into Central Bank of Mexico for their electronic payment systems which will allow for 24/7 real-time clearing features, they are currently rolling out their application across Mexico and the US, and have banking partnerships in place that will allow for their rapid expansion across the rest of Latin America.

Currently they are in the process of rolling out bill payment services across the US and Mexico in addition to executing their global partnerships with organizations like Humanity 2.0, Laudato Si, International Catholic Migration Commission, and Jesuit Refugee Services that will help them create borderless financial security and access that positively impacts the lives of 10 million migrants/refugees by 2020.

The Uulala financial ecosystem encompasses B2B/B2C real-time cross border payouts, instant P2P money transfers, QR code payment system, mobile wallet, virtual & physical cards, microfinancing, and an international blockchain-based credit scoring and identification system. While many brick and mortar, online, and app-based solutions currently exist for many different financial services few manage to combine all the services into a fluid, user-friendly, and low-cost full-service solution. Allowing Uulala to have a competitive advantage right out of the gate. 

To register to trade EUULA through IDEX Exchange visit https://idex.market/eth/idex to learn more about Uulala and their Utility token visit uulala.io  

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