Using Technology to Find the Best Employees

Hiring the right person for your company can be difficult. The internet has opened up an entirely new world of opportunity to find and hire new employees. It’s no longer enough to post your opening on the website; you need to ensure you’re taking advantage of all modern methods available to find the best candidate for your company.

Use technology to widen the pool of potential candidates

Keep in mind that when you are hiring for only one position, it’s crucial to narrow the focus of your search. However, when hiring multiple employees at once – which can often happen with entry-level jobs – it’s a good idea to utilize all the resources available to widen the pool of potential candidates. The more people you have to choose from, the better chance of hiring a perfect fit for your company. You can still put together a traditional application packet even if you use technology as a starting point.

Instead of sending an applicant who has been identified as a good match for your company’s open position those frustrating generic forms, ask them to spend a few minutes taking an online assessment and email you the results. This will help speed up the application process. You’ll have access to a pool of applicants because your advertisement can be sent to a larger number of people who might not know they were being considered for open positions at your company. Ask candidates to take an online assessment.

Use technology to screen potential candidates

With the rise of LinkedIn, there has been an increase in the number of job seekers using social media to market themselves by uploading their resumes and cover letters online.

Many companies use Internet-based software tools to scan the profiles of candidates (and sometimes current employees) on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, looking for red flags like profanity, illegal activity, and other questionable behavior. The practice is controversial; many users believe it is an invasion of privacy and an unfair vetting tool that makes judgments based on user profiles and personal photos rather than actual job performance or experience.

Instances like this make it clear that no matter what recruitment process you’re using before hiring your next great employee, it’s crucial to ensure all aspects are focused on what you need in an employee.

Using Technology to Find Employees
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Use social media to find passive candidates

When finding new employees, social media can also be used to search for potential candidates that are not actively looking for a job or what’s known as “passive” candidates. If you find someone who would be interested in your company and is qualified for the current open position, social media sites like LinkedIn can help you connect with them and set up an interview.

The tools for social media recruitment available to you can be a powerful aid when looking for new employees. Still, it’s essential to make sure your social media strategy is part of one cohesive recruitment plan. Be sure to follow up on social media leads with traditional steps like phone screenings and in-person meetings so that you are truly taking advantage of social media as a tool rather than as your sole source for candidates.

Utilize search engines and job boards to find active and passive candidates

When posting your job opening online, search engines are an essential step towards getting the word out about your company’s open positions. However, it’s best to post on more than one website so that you can find a broader range of potential employees.

Be sure to check for websites that exist only as an outlet for people interested in finding new jobs, known as “job boards.” These are becoming increasingly popular job search destinations, so you must have an account with the most frequently visited sites to track down the highest number of qualified people looking for jobs.

HR professionals manage a great deal when tasked with finding new employees. It can be challenging to keep up with technology when trying to stay on top of all employment laws. If you’re looking to hire, using technology to improve your recruitment process might be the key to hiring the best employees for your team.

Harness the power of video interviews.

A common trend for applicant screening is the use of video interviews, which are done via one or more webcams. It has become easier to get candidates on camera with the advances in technology. Many companies have found that applicants enjoy being interviewed this way because it’s more natural than having a phone conversation, while others feel it provides a more personal connection.

Video interviews are becoming popular because they give the employer a chance to see how applicants behave during an interview on their turf, meaning they won’t be as self-conscious or nervous as they would if being interviewed in person. Video interviews are cost-effective for both employers and potential employees. And with the high quality of webcams available for purchase, it’s no longer necessary to have a room dedicated solely to interviews. You can conduct your interviews from just about anywhere with minimal equipment needed.

Technology has made it easier than ever to find new employees. There are various methods you can use to make sure your recruitment process is cohesive and efficient.

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