How to play Unison League Game on PC

For those super into role-playing games, Unison League is a game worth trying. Based on anime graphics, it has a multiplayer nature, which means you can play with your friends as well. Its publisher is Ateam Inc., and the game was released in 2016.

Unison League Game on PC

This is one of those never-ending games with hundreds of stages. It will take a while for you to progress, but the features of the game keep the fun alive.


Let’s talk about the gameplay in detail to see if it’s something for you:

Guild Battles

Role-playing games don’t often pack enough action to satisfy those gamers who like a little bit of battalion here and there Unison League is different in that regard. In order to conquer the world (in the game), you have to fight your battles.

With lots of customization options, the battles can actually be fun. You can plan and fight alongside your teammates. You can have up to 10 teammates.


Your appearance in the game can be customized with so many elements. In the Unison League, it’s not just about being the best, but also looking the best. So there’s a little something for those who have a penchant for style.

You can take as much time as you need to dress up differently before you hit the battlefield.

The customizations are not limited to your attire, but can also enhance your face and hair.

Co-op Quests

In addition to the guild battles, you can also take part in co-op quests to get rid of monsters. For this, you can enlist the help of up to four friends.

Unison Attacks

The game lets you be proactive and attack your enemies fiercely. You can strategize with friends and attack the enemies whenever you want.

Customizable Room

Besides all the battle stuff and your own customizable appearance, there’s another thing you can show off to other players, especially your teammates: your room!

You can customize the room, which your friends can check out. You can also learn new techniques in the room to use them on the battle floor.


The graphics are what make this game truly stand out. The developers of the game have paid a lot of attention to detail, making the Unison League world a dystopian world full of colors. It can be a very aesthetically pleasing experience, even though it does have a lot of battle action as well.

This also means that you will require a powerful device to enjoy the game without any lags.


Unison League has over a million downloads and nearly 2K reviews on Google Play Store. It enjoys an above 4-star rating.

Gamer reviews on the internet are mostly positive with users appreciating the graphics and the multiplayer aspects of the game.

However, some users also showed their dislike for the gems which can be bought easily, allowing certain players to advance faster.

Can You Play Unison League on PC?

Unison League is not available for Windows or Mac, as such. However, it’s still possible to play it on your computer if you have Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an Android emulator for Windows and Mac that creates an Android environment on PC to run Android apps.

Basically, you can run any Android app, including Unison League on Bluestacks.

Download Bluestacks from the official website. That way, you’ll get the latest software. It just takes a few minutes to download, depending on your connection.

Then, download here the Unison League app for PC. Well, it’s essentially the same Android app in APK format. Just drag it off the desktop and drop it into the Bluestacks window with its home screen displaying.

Alternatively, you can download it from the Play Store in Bluestacks. However, that will require you to sign in with your Google account. You should sign in anyways to ensure your apps are synced to your account in the emulator.

That’s it! Now, you can enjoy the anime role-playing game on PC.

Wrap Up

Unison League packs in a lot of action and has a lot of other elements too to keep you excited. Don’t be surprised if you end up spending a lot of hours right after installing it. You can even play it on a bigger PC screen, especially if you face lags on mobile.

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