The Most Important Jobs at Sea

Jobs at Sea

Running a business is no easy feat if there are no people to help you run it. As with sailing a ship, problems can arise without competent and qualified crew members to run it. Crew management in ships can be easily done by services specialized in shipping companies. They provide crewing services as an essential part of maritime and shipping management.

Which includes management of various activities handled by the crew on-board shipping vessels and shore-based administration.
Most seafarers are recruited from developing countries such as Philippines, India, and China. Human resources for crew management is important for the sustainable development of maritime transportation and global trade.

A top manning agency in Manila is one of the few who employ qualified seafarers for effective crew management.

The Role of a Manning Agency

Manning agencies are certified agencies from the government and certification boards. They mostly represent shipping operators to find the right people to recruit and offer great career for seafarers and officers. This also includes engineers and other important personnel. They make sure that the people who will board the ships are properly equipped with knowledge and skill. They maintain proper legal documents and records for seafarers and ship owners for filtering candidates for operation.

The Jobs at Sea

A ship’s crew can be divided into categories: the deck, engineering, steward, and the other. Crews are categorized as such because there are different parts of a shipping vessel that requires a specific skill. Running navigational equipment requires skills different than those on deck operations or engine room. Here are some of the important jobs to run an effective shipping vessel.

Marine engineer

Marine engineers deal with maintenance and repair of a ship’s machinery. This covers a broad scope of engineering work from mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computer science. They also aid in the development, design, operation, and maintenance of onboard systems for marine vehicles and other oceanographic technology.

Naval architect

They are professional engineers responsible for the design, construction, and repair of ships and other marine vessels. It involves applied research and calculations for developing marine vehicles.

Cargo engineer

They supervise the loading, discharging, and conditioning of cargo which is transported through ships.


Also known as a merchant mariner, is a professional seaman who operates and maintains all kinds of ship vessels. It consists of three different ship officers: the first or chief mate, second mate, and third mate. Each officer’s duties increase in importance with the first shipmate having the most responsibilities.


A seaman works mostly on the ship deck and can be tasked with day work for maintaining the ship. They can also work on the staging of a large amount of equipment or cargo. They secure cargo to make sure it is safely fastened in the ship.

These are just some of the important positions that are needed for effective seafaring. Varieties of professions and ranks have important roles and responsibilities for a successful operation of seafaring vessels. These professions are what manning agencies help to find for shipping operators.

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