Tech Giants: What Direction Are They Going To?

Tech Giants and New Technology

For the last few decades, communication infrastructure has played a key role in conducting business and how we go on with our daily lives. Whether it’s meeting up with a friend, running a series of deals, or as a way of reaching out to family members that thousands of kilometers away, communication is indeed integral to how we conduct our daily business and tasks.

One of the most important innovations throughout the last five decades, or even for the century, are mobile operating systems. This isn’t a surprise when billions of users around the world are trying to access social media platforms, conduct business calls, and connect with colleagues.

But in the last few years, tech giants have been revamping how they would market their products, the way they price their products, and how they’ll be treating their target market. Most experts would say that the major changes and revisions on how these companies will operate are largely due to a 20% plummet in sales during the first few months of the pandemic.
But how has this affected how most tech giants operate? What will the future be like? We’ll be clearing up any fog of uncertainty that people might have regarding the state of the tech industry.

The Future of Phones

First, we’ll be taking a look at the flagships of the tech industry: smartphones. Usually, tech giants like Apple and Samsung are known for producing top-end high-quality phones known worldwide for their features and new functions every year.

Companies like Apple are known for catering to 20% of the smartphone market. Although this might seem like just a small percentage of the global market, this is usually comprised of the “elite” in the phone community. Usually, companies will try to acknowledge some of their competition by “comparing” their phones to older models from the other company. But when it to Apple, they don’t acknowledge the presence of other companies and would rather focus on their own sphere of influence.

But one thing that’s Apple has been doing in the past few months is reconsidering the price of their products. In fact, Samsung’s smartphones are getting even more expensive than some of the flagships that Apple has.

Other companies have been following suit by designing expensive phones with the same design and performance as Apple’s iPhones. Still, most seem to fall short when getting the attention of the elite in certain luxurious countries, like Singapore. Although, this is often attributed to the already-strong community of Apple users in the city-state. But one thing’s for sure: there will be even more advanced phones in the future.

The Future of Laptops

Tech Giants and New Technology

As the years’ pass, smartphones, laptops, and computers are bound to get even more advanced and innovative. But with these advancements also comes a steady increase in the prices of products. Of course, the innovations and features of such products will more than compensate for the cost, but most users will need to spend more than usual to get a fresh new model of their favourite laptop. Moore’s law would suggest that manufacturing CPUs for laptops and computers are bound to get even cheaper while the performance will increase.

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The direction of the tech industry and how it will interact with its audience has drastically changed in the last few years, especially this year when the new normal has called for socio-economic changes on a global scale. But is there a clear direction that these giants are gunning towards? Well, that will depend on the goals and motive of the company.

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