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Smart Luggage

If you’ve been shopping around for new luggage, then you’ve probably come across the term “smart luggage” and have seen buyers raving about it. Just like today’s smart vehicles, today’s smart luggage models are equipped with high-technology features that make traveling more convenient.

On top of smart and ergonomic design features, the models come with additional useful features like removable battery packs with different USB port types for device charging convenience, activity trackers that send you alerts on your phone for an added layer of security, wireless connectivity that lets you connect on the go, and even GPS trackers that prevent your bag from getting lost.

Smart luggage is a whole new genre that appeals to business travelers, frequent flyers, and parents traveling with children. If you’re still trying to find a designated, easy-access spot for your battery packs and charging cords in non-smart luggage that’s filled to the gills, then it’s time for an upgrade.

But Before You Buy…

Not all smart luggage brands have made the cut and some aren’t clear for flights yet, specifically the Modolift, which is a shame because this rideable suitcase offers a lot of convenience to its users.

With the new airline safety protocol, the only smart luggage models allowed are those with removable battery packs. Moreover, removing the batteries is required when gate-checking the baggage. According to experts, Lithium-Ion batteries, which is what are commonly used for smart luggage models, have the tendency to overheat and may not be suitable for storage in the baggage hold environment.

Fortunately, these batteries are allowed to be stored in the passenger’s carry-on baggage inside the cabin where the temperature is much lower. This is what makes the removable or ejectable battery feature necessary. 

So the Question Now is…

Which smart luggage continues to be allowed on the plane? Here are the crowd-favorites that have been given a green light for travel?

Arlo Skye Aluminum Carry-On

Wheel Type: 8 wheels, spinner

Exterior Dimensions: 22 × 14 × 9 inches

Max Internal Capacity: 38 L

Battery Pack: ejectable from exterior

The Arlo Skye Aluminum Carry-On is the smallest sibling in the Frame line. This means the Carry-On can fit inside the larger suitcases, so you can nestle them and have an extra suitcase you can use if you’re one of those people who tend to bring more things back than what you originally packed.

The Aluminum shell is rigid and provides excellent protection for your belongings. However, the material is susceptible to dings and scratches, so you may want to take extra care to preserve the exterior surface. But who cares about a dent-free suitcase, anyway? Dings and dents are travel marks and signs that it’s a well-loved, well-used suitcase that goes wherever its owner goes. And all of these things speak volumes of the reliability and security its user can count on. Things that we’re all looking for in a travel suitcase.

The Skye Aluminum Carry-On suitcase has TSA-approved clasp-locks and it’s zipper-free. It has 8 whisper-quiet, rotating wheels that make the suitcase easier to maneuver and do away with the loud dragging noise. The removable battery pack has type-A and C USB port types, while the battery itself is ejectable from an exterior pocket, where the trolley handle rests. If you prefer a hard-shell, zipper-free smart suitcase with a head-turning design, you’re going to love this one.

Away Carry-On

Wheel Type: 8 wheels, spinner

Exterior Dimensions: 21.7 × 13.7 × 9 inches

Max Internal Capacity: 39.8 L

Battery Pack: ejectable from exterior

The initial design of the Away Carry-On suitcase has a built-in battery which is located inside the bag. This has been quite a challenge for the owners of this earlier model as there is no way to remove the battery from the bag, in case they need to check it in.

As a solution, Away released a newer model with an external removable battery pack and designed a replacement frame kit for their first model Carry-On users to update their suitcase to meet the IATF smart luggage guidelines. This allows them to continue using their existing suitcase, which we think is a great solution to the non-removable battery issue with the previous model. For new model users, the smart suitcase has a battery pack pocket located on the back, and the battery ejects with just a click of a button. Truly, Away has made it simple and effective for its consumers.

The Carry-On model has a polycarbonate hard-shell body with zipper closures that lock in place on the TSA-approved combination lock board. Inside, it features an interior compression system that keeps your belongings in place and gives you the ability to make more room for last-minute items from souvenirs and airport shopping.

Away Carry-Ons also includes a travel kit that contains a USB cable and a set of international adapters so you can charge your suitcase, and even your devices, no matter where you are in the world. That said, Away puts its customers first and makes sure they travel with convenience no matter where they go. No wonder it’s a crowd favorite.

Genius Pack Supercharged Smart Luggage

Wheel Type: 8 wheels, spinner

Exterior Dimensions: 21.5 × 14 × 9 inches

Max Internal Capacity: 44 L

Battery Pack: removable from interior pocket, top portion of suitcase

Now here’s a suitcase that makes it worlds easier to pack and unpack. The Genius Pack G3 boasts a space-efficient interior. The suitcase opens like a portmanteau, has zip-up pocket compartments that help you get more organized, as well as a built-in packing checklist so you’ll never forget anything ever again.

It also has a built-in laundry chute that is hidden beneath the flap that separates it from the rest of the interior space. The other side of this flap is where all the built-in zipper compartments are, which lets you organize your tech items, socks, and delicates making it easier to find any of these things when you need them.

The other half side of the suitcase offers plenty of room for folded clothes and has attached expandable straps that keep your things in place. If you want to organize more, you can get the compartment set that has different pouch sizes but all fit perfectly into space. This way, you know where everything is at a glance; it saves a lot of time and energy and keeps your suitcase organized at all times. That said, this suitcase practically takes care of you.

Aside from the wonderful features mentioned above, The Genius Pack Supercharged is equipped with TSA-approved locks and comes in a full polycarbonate shell design that’s dent-proof, scratch-proof, and easy to clean. The built-in USB ports located on the back of the suitcase allow you to charge up to two devices at the same time. The battery pack has a built-in connecting cable to power the external USB ports and can be accessed and removed from inside the suitcase.

If you’re big on organizing your things for travel and find having a packing checklist handy at all times, the Genius Pack G3 is the perfect suitcase for you.

Samsara Aluminum Carry-On Smart Luggage

Wheel Type: 8 wheels, spinner

Exterior Dimensions: 22 × 13 × 9 inches

Max Internal Capacity: 35 L

Battery Pack: ejectable from exterior

The first thing you’ll notice about the Samsara Aluminum Carry-On is its sleek, minimalist design. The round edges of the aluminum body give it a softer look. It also comes with a set of organizers so you can neatly pack your things in separate compartments, which makes it easy to find and return things inside the suitcase. It has a TSA-approved locking system and is completely zipper-free.

The Samsara Carry-On has unparalleled safety features like activity alerts, a tracking device, a distance alert, and a built-in hotspot that lets you connect on the go. It also has a wireless phone charging feature which is quite convenient. It uses Bluetooth 5.1 so it won’t interfere with your other wireless gadgets. The level top of the suitcase can also be used as a tabletop for laptops or anything you want to keep off the floor. Best of all, you can download an app on your phone, to allow you to control the features including the smart lock.

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The battery pack of the newest model is now ejectable from the exterior of the suitcase and is coupled with the hotspot device that lets you track your bag and provides you with your own internet connection anytime, anywhere.

If you want a suitcase that comes with its own compartmentalized packing system, a baggage locator and activity tracking system, with wireless connectivity and charging features, and a cool and striking look, the Samsara Aluminum Carry-On Smart Luggage is definitely made for you.

Take the High-Tech Road

Running low on phone battery and looking for airport outlets to charge your devices are becoming a thing of the past. Smart luggage is changing the way we travel; it gives you the ability to stay connected and keep your belongings more secure. Trust us, it’s a game-changer. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the options from this list and find the one that’s right for you, and experience next-level comfort when you travel smart.

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