Latest News on Scotland Vs France Match

Scotland Vs France Match

On 28th February, the match between France and Scotland was decided to happen. However, in the end, the match had to be postponed. The reason was stated that in the team of France, there had been 10 players spotted with covid-19. All of them were sent to isolation. Fabien Galthie, the coach of the France team himself was tested as Covid-19 contaminated. Due to this reason the matches were postponed to 14 days later. It has been heard that two players who were not selected for that match, also tested positive.

The Highlights of the postponed match are:

  • France has higher odds if you measure it from the bettors’ point of view. It is leading with -137 Points. In that case, Scotland was already lagging.
  • Till now, several tournaments have been played on the Six Nation championship. France has won two times. Where on the other hand, Scotland has 1 winning and 1 defeat.
  • A total of 10 players had been tested covid-19 Positive. The Couch, Fabien Galthie, and 2 extra players had been tasted for the positive.

The problem starts when Ireland has a 15-13 ratio, Italy has 50-10 ratios with them, France is still not prepared to appear for the next match.

What about The Odds of The Match France Vs Scotland?

Scotland Vs France Match

France has a star Player, called Mr. Damian Penaud. He showed excellent performance for the last few matches. The two winnings on the dashboard are because of him. His supremacy helped the team to have a strong back-up. However, now he can’t tackle alone. He lost his regular companions. It would be hard to play against England in the next match. According to betting-news-today,  the odds are:

  • Scotland has the money line odds of +108. The spread is +1.5.
  • France has the money line odds of -137. It has a spread of -1.5.
  • If the match becomes a draw then the money line odds will be +2200.

One thing for sure. The performance has been shown by France till now, no one on the ground can beat them. Point to be noted, if we don’t take this covid-19 situation. Everyone is shouting that England will win this time. However, professionals know from the beginning England has no chance in front of France. However, the prediction got wrong due to the virus. The potential of the team is very high. On 13th March, the tournament of France against England will be happening. Though we all know France can’t play like what they have shown us before. However, still do not lose hope, wish for the best.

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But this time, in this match, if France can win, then mark our words, France will be the champion of this season of the Six Nations Championship. The odds have been shown on the article, we hope, the sites will have the same results as us. The postponed match of Scotland Vs France will be rescheduled soon. Bettors can apply for multiple sites to have more than one odds as an option in the hand. It will be beneficial.

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