Who Said Print Was Dead? Why Print Marketing is Here to Stay

Who said print was dead?

Walking around in a mall, you are bombarded by printed signs. On the way to work, you see posters and banners in the streets. Have you ever cleaned out your wallet and found a business card from a person you met at a dinner party?

Print is still very much alive that 92% of consumers prefer print over digital marketing. Print marketing allows consumers to take on the advertisement and information any time they want. They can pull it out of their bags in the subway while waiting for their commute to end or read it over coffee. This tangible, printed material is not easily lost or overlooked.

Print marketing

Now that you know print marketing works, here are some materials that your company can produce:

1. Catalogs

The modern catalog is successful become it has shrunk to a pocket-sized booklet. This is an effective marketing material because it contains a lot of information about a business’s products and services, minus the bulk.

The power of catalogs is in imagery. A survey showed that 86% of women from 18 to 30 years old purchased a product they saw on a catalog. A catalog also calls customers to scan them rather than ignore them.

2. Business cards

Business cards are the equivalent of that one impressive story you tell people you just met. It’s that one piece of artwork new visitors notice in your house.

Yes, people judge businesses by their business cards so much so that 39% of people refuse to invest or partner with companies with cheap-looking cards.

3. Direct mail

One example of an effective direct mail campaign is KitKat’s “Sorry, we couldn’t deliver” card. The direct mail worked because it was witty and gave the customers a call-to-action, which is, in this case, a free KitKat Chunky.

Direct mail postcards create a sense of a personal connection with the customers because these are sent right to their doorsteps. For this to be successful, a business should affiliate with direct mail fulfillment services from experts like Action Mailing & Printing Solutions to get a little responsibility off their shoulders.

The importance of design

Naturally, people are attracted to visually-appealing things. Hence, investing time and effort into graphic design is essential to successful print marketing.

In a catalog, promoting a product relies so much on its presentation on the pages. This could be reflected in the quality of the photos as well as the layout.

For business cards, the trend is heading to a sleek and minimalist look as it gives more of a professional vibe. Simple designs also bring focus to the critical details such as contact information, the name of the company, and the logo.

Lastly, direct mail postcards capture the attention of customers because they stand out in the pile of mail. Their color and size create a contrast from the boring (maybe even stressful) plain white envelopes of utility and credit card bills.

Print marketing is still the way to go.

Printed materials reach the actual hands of the customers. A catalog, a business card, and a postcard do not disappear into a digital void in a matter of seconds. They stay on the coffee table, in your bag, or the office desk. This is their strength, and that’s why print is not going away anytime soon.

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