Pricing pitfalls in the translation services that you must avoid

Pricing pitfalls in the translation services that you must avoid

When you come across a translation requirement, you tend to go ahead and submit the job for an expert, who can get it done for you. For your urgent document translation needs, you tend to go ahead with the first service provider that you come across. That’s where most of the people end up becoming victims of scams.

If you want to stay away from getting scammed, you need to have a clear understanding about the pricing pitfalls that are associated with translation services.

The first pricing pitfall is price per page. As you already know, some of the translation companies offer their services based on the number of pages translated. But if you take a look at a word document, the number of words that you can have in a page with a bigger font is much lower when compared to the number of words that you can have with a smaller font. Therefore, you need to be aware of how the translation company responds to such instances. This will assist you with overcoming unexpected issues in the long run as well.

The second pricing pitfall that you need to be aware is the number of words translated. Every single language that you can find out there on the planet has its own unique style of presentation. To give out the same meaning for a phrase, you will need to use a higher number of words in a specific language. This can make you end up with a higher invoice. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to be aware of this pricing pitfall when you are working with the translation companies.

The translation companies usually go through a three stage process when offering their translation services. The first stage is translation, whereas all the mistakes are corrected in the third stage. The final stage would be proof reading. You should also check whether you are being charged for the correction of mistakes as well. In fact, you shouldn’t pay the translation company to correct the mistakes that they have done.

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